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Makeup Look | April | Diamond

Hello lovelies!

This month, for me, is one of the ultimate gemstones there is. The diamond. Sparkly, shiny and beautiful. This month, of course, the look I created was based, not just on the colour as usual but also the diamond itself. For my wearable look I wanted to do something effortless as I realised my before wearable looks haven’t had this element. I hope you enjoy!


I left this look pretty open to interpretation. You can add and takeaway what you want with this as this is all about the eyes!

My base is pretty simple, I just used my Rimmel 25hr foundation and blended this with my Ecotools makeup sponge. This is all I did for this look in terms of base. For my brows I brushed through with my Maybelline brow sculpt mascara and then moved onto the eyes!

For mascara I used my new L’Oreal Baby Roll and was careful not to separate them too much, although I wanted more dramatic lashes. Next I got my Collection Glam Crystals liquid liner in Glitz and put it on the end of my lashes to add some glitz and glam. I chose this because I used to love doing this with my lashes a few years ago and I believe it can be paired with any look.


For my non-wearable look I wanted to literally take my inspiration from a diamond so I attempted to draw a diamond on my face with the Collection Glam Crystals liner. To start I drew the line down the middle of my face (or as middle as I could get!) and then drew the top line of the diamond across my forehead and two smaller slightly slanted ones down my temples. I then drew the two outer lines and attempted to line them up with the points of the top of the diamond. For all these lines I used the side of the brush to draw them as they came out thicker and bolder which is what I wanted.

When it came to drawing the remaining two diagonal lines I used the tip of the brush so they came out thinner and less bold. I then finished the shape by drawing the line across my brow line to finish the shape.

I then filled in the segments of the diamond using my finger to apply the highlighter from my Revolution cream contour kit. To finish I faded the highlighter out around the outside edges of the diamond shape.

So there we have it! April’s makeup look. What do you guys think?

Happy Diamonding!





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