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Eco Tools | makeup sponges

Hello lovelies! 

I am rather excited to bring you this weeks post as I have been wanting to try some more makeup sponges for a while! My real techniques one is getting a bit old and I’d heard some good things about these new ecotools sponges. Plus there are two so even better! The two sponges are 100% vegan which intrigued me also, with all packaging being recyclable. 


  • Type of Product – makeup sponge
  • Brand – ecotools
  • Price – £9.99
  • Colour – green 
  • Amount of Product – 2x sponges

First off I would like to say how much I love the packaging! The green of the sponges is wonderful! I love it! I also think the packaging feels very ‘eco’ as the colour scheme gives off more of an ‘earthy’ vibe. The only thing I would say is that although the packaging is recyclable I’m not convinced that the amount at the bottom is needed, although that’s me being nit picky! 

The actual sponges themselves are super soft and I have to say feel much sturdier than the real techniques one. The larger sponge is softer and is more tailored to larger areas and a natural finish which can be built up. The smaller sponge is firmer and is better suited to smaller areas that need more or a concentration of product. Bother sponges are rounded at the base and have a larger chiselled side and a smaller chiselled side with a flat edge at the top. I find the large flat edge side is really good at blending foundation and the flat top is super handy for round the nose and under the eyes. This is similar with the smaller sponge just for concealer and cream contour. For cream bronzer the rounded base on the bigger sponge is good! 

Both sponges expand when wet and are easy to squeeze the excess water out. The sponges don’t feel as wet when using unlike the real techniques one which felt as though there was too much water being retained. Both sponges soak up some product but not enough to really bother me. I do find that initially swiping the product on before dabbing soaks up more of the product. 

When comparing these to the real techniques sponge I feel as though they actually give a better finish, the layer of foundation doesn’t become as watered down or thinned out. The flawlessness of the finish is similar but I have to say I think the ecotools sponges are now my favourite and at £9.99 are good value for money! This is in comparison the the real techniques sponge at £6.99 and the beauty blender at £16 both only feature one sponge. 

If you are in the market for some new makeup sponges I really would recommend these as they give such a flawless finish and having two different densities is really useful for different products and areas of the face. 

Happy sponging! 



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