Bourjois | Rouge Edition | Souffle de Velvet

Hello lovelies!

I am back! I won’t ramble away as to why I havn’t posted in so long but just in case you are curious and you do want an explanation then pop over to my other blog here:

I am partial to the odd Bourjois product but I have to be honest and say that these aren’t my choice per say. I was actually inspired by Emma’s Rectangle during her most recent boots haul she featured these, in both these colours. I was pretty intrigued as at the moment I am really into the tint look on my lips. So, naturally I popped on over to Boots and had a look at them. Not so surpringly I really liked both and since they were on a buy one get one half price offer I picked both up because why the heck not?! Here’s what I think.


  • Type of Product – Liquid Lipstick
  • Brand – Bourjois
  • Price – £8.99
  • Colour(s) – VIPeach and Plum Plum Pidou
  • Amount of Product – o.2 fl.oz

As usual I am going back to my usual flow and starting with packaging. I have always thought the Rouge Edition lip products feature nice packaging. These are no exception and whilst they are nothing special I feel as though they are understated. The frosted glass gives the product a nice touch and each bottle features the same coloured features, such as the writing. The lids are coloured to the product colour and personally I think the colouring has been done very well. On both of the colours I got the packaging colour matches the actual product colour very well which often isn’t the case. This goes down nicely with me and the frosted glass gives off a more luxury feel.

The applicator for the product is a doefoot shaped wand and is pretty standard, comfortable and makes the product easy to apply. The product itself gives a very nice wash/stain of colour on your lips and due to it being a matte finish lasts longer that what you would expect it to. I rarely have to top this up throughout the day but since I am having shakes for lunch at the moment this could be why!

The prouct itself is like a whipped texture, very light on your lips and definitely has the ‘barely there’ feel. The colours are gorgeous and feature a decent pigment considering they are more of a stain than a full liquid lipstick.

I have to say, I don’t have many negatives to say about this product but perhaps one….confusion is why is it so weird to apply? By this I mean that the consistency comes across as being really patchy when applied to your lips, yet once you have rubbed them together and applied another coat (obviously optional) the pigment matte’s and stains your lips so smoothly I genuinely wondered if I had imagined it… I do own a dark red from the Rouge Edition, Velvet collection and this does the same thing so really its a view I have across the Rouge Edition range so far. I’m not even really sure whether this is a negative point or not??? The only other point to make which could be negative for some people, although isn’t for myself, is that the smell has a chemical undertone to it, it isn’t super strong but is noticeable so if you are one of those people who are bothered by smells of products then have a whiff before you think of purchasing!

Overall I have been loving both these colours and have been wearing them non-stop since I purchased them, pretty much two weeks solid! I love the stain they give offa nd the colours are gorgeous with pretty much every outfit. I really want to look into picking up some more, maybe a darker colour if I can find one.

I would recommend these if you like more of a stain finish that is matte. Obviously don’t expect these to be like your regular liquid lipstick as you’ll be disappointed but I would really recommend checking these out, they give such a nice colour payoff and last longer than some liquid lipsticks I own.

Happy Staining!



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