Laura Mercier Lip Trio – Ruby Spark

This little gem was one of the presents my boyfriend got me for Christmas, now I have to admit that although I am a beauty lover I had never tried Laura Mercier products up until this point. Please excuse the picture, obviously I haven’t taken this myself but I wanted to show there is a lovely nude color and the range of mini lip glosses as they are oh so good!

I have to say I was given a marvelous introduction! Although as a result I would now like more of her products……..which unfortunately aren’t the cheapest! Although not completely out of reach I have to say.

As you can probably gather from the image the color is indeed red! Included is a full-sized lip Gloss and a lipstick and liner which aren’t full-sized, but I would say that this shouldn’t put you off! Personally I have taken the view that these items tend to last anyway so the trio is still worth buying if you are interested 🙂

So first off is the lip liner, it is easy to apply and feels very nice on your lips, if you are new to a lip liner and this is your first darker/bolder shade I would recommend blended either this before you apply the lipstick or both together. The lipstick is doubly wonderful, it has a nice consistency and I would say a matte color when applied, I have found that the lipstick doesn’t dry my lips out even after reapplication and stays put pretty well! The lip gloss is such a lovely color and in true lip gloss style adds gloss to your lips! It again is of good consistency and isn’t sticky, which is good since sticky is annoying and doesn’t feel good! The gloss on its own also looks very nice, it comes out subtly, almost like a tint which surprised me considering the color looks so deep and vibrant.

As a higher end product I would definitely recommend any of the Laura Mercier products mentioned regardless of the price. The cheapest I could find this product is at £21.50 from this website:  I have never ordered from this website so I’m not sure what they are like and this kit is currently out of stock, alternatively House of Fraser, amongst a few other sites stock this item and the Pink Spark Trio at £25.00 which is generally the price all around.

Again if anyone wants swatches or to see the products on let me know 🙂

Hope you enjoy 🙂



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