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NEW L’Oreal | Miss Baby Roll Mascara

Hello lovelies!

First off I have to confess that the ‘Miss manga/hippie’ range has never appealed to me as spider-like clumpy lashes aren’t really my style. This one, however, did appeal to me. I saw some pictures of before and after shots so thought I would give it a go.


  • Type of Product – Mascara
  • Brand – L’Oreal
  • Price – £7.99
  • Colour – Black
  • Amount of Product – 9.1ml

The packaging, unlike the other ‘Miss’ range doesn’t stick to just two colours. The tube features three colours, pink and a baby teal colour make up the lid with the main tube of the mascara representing the actual product colour, black, black waterproof, lilac, teal or indigo. Like the rest of the range the packaging gives off more of a fun, flirty vibe. I also like the style of writing, it reminds me of the Pink Ladies from the film Grease!

The wand of this mascara is twisted and features a plastic wand. The wand picks up a lot of product, mostly in-between the bristle twists. On application there is a good amount of product that coats your lashes, however, the mascara clumps your lashes together pretty quickly so you have to really work to separate them back out, if that’s the effect you want anyway. The amount of length this mascara gives you is pretty impressive, the times I have worn it my eyelashes have been complemented! The mascara has also turned out to be a good bottom lash mascara as it doesn’t clump as much, on me it hasn’t anyway and it holds a good curl. The mascara claims to give ‘mega volume, curl and all day hold’ and whilst I love the lift and volume it gives I don’t think it gives my lashes any additional curl. They ‘holding’ power I think is very good, it is quick drying and definitely doesn’t budge! I accidentally rubbed my eyes the other day and no mascara, or very little, flaked off and my lashes were definitely still intact. Despite it having good staying power it is easy to take off with both an oil makeup remover cleanser and a micellar based makeup wipe.

Overall I like the effect and the fact that there are more colours in the range, however, with the claim it makes I wouldn’t expect it to clump so quickly the way it does. This is my only criticism of the product though as I actually wear it a lot despite this. I would recommend this, especially at the affordable price, however, I would only recommend this to those who like their lashes more clumpy and spiky.

Have you tried this mascara? What do you think?

Happy rolling!




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