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NEW L’Oreal Skincare | Fine Flowers | Gel-Cream Wash & Toner

Hi Lovelies,

I have a little skincare review for you this week. I thought I would do these both together as I have been testing them mostly as a duo. Recently I have been looking at more gentle skincare as I get lot of redness around my cheeks. This is a territory that is very different for me as before my skin could handle harsher products that dealt with oily skin, this may still be the case during the hotter months but we shall see!

The Fine Flowers range has been marketed for dry and sensitive skin and contain Rose and Jasmine which are two oils known for their calming properties.

Toner Stats: 

  • Type of Product – Skincare – Toner
  • Brand – L’Oreal
  • Price – Sainsburys: £4.00 on offer, I believe this will go up to around £6.00
  • Colour – Cloudy water!
  • Amount of Product – 400ml (!!!)

Gel-Cream Wash Stats:

  • Type of Product – Skincare – Face wash
  • Brand – L’Oreal
  • Price – Sainsburys: £3.00 on offer, I believe this will go up to around £5.00
  • Colour – Pearly White
  • Amount of Product – 150ml

I would like to point out that all stores are offering different deals on this range so do shop around!

The packaging across the Fine Flowers range has impressed me. The whole range is a baby pink shade with white accents as the main two base colours. Although I’m not a pink person the shade they have gone for really goes with the ‘gentle’ theme of the products across the range. The addition of the petal image also emphasis’s the dry and sensitive skin type that the range is aimed at whilst not looking too much. I have to say when I use these products in the evening I usually feel much calmer just looking at them! Overall I am really impressed with the packaging and the amount you get is also fairly decent which is always nice.

Something that strikes me about both of these products is that they do not smell the same. Whilst I’m not necessarily surprised at this I thin k I was expecting them to be more similar than they are. The toner smells like heaven. That is genuinely all I can think to say about it as I absolutely love the smell! It does smell mildly floral but has a fruity undertone to it so its not too overpowering. The face wash doesn’t smell as sweet as the toner, it is more delicate and the scent is really subtle. I spent ages, and even roped my sister into, thinking of a way to describe it! She says it smells like cream, not the squirty kind…more like you would imagine a base body cream to smell like. I said it smells like a really subtle ‘fresh linen’ or ‘pure cotton’ candle scent. I am still not sure whether I like it but since it doesn’t leave a scent behind I’m not going to worry about it!

The consistency of the toner is as you would expect a liquid toner to be like, pretty much like water! To use this I put some on a cotton pad and gently wipe/rub around my face. The toner actually takes longer than I thought it would to sink into my skin but it leaves my skin feeling really soft and clean. On the back of the toner packaging it does say ‘makeup removing toner’ which I found weird as it doesn’t state this anywhere else. I also wouldn’t use just this to remove my makeup but it does  remove anything I have missed if I’m being lazy! 

The gel-cream wash is as you’d imagine it to be, a thick gel like consistency. It feels super moisturising on the skin and is easy to work with. To use I dampen my skin and then work this into my face using circular motions all over for a few minutes until it turns white and is slightly more lathered then I wipe off with a face cloth. One thing I absolutely love about this wash is that it doesn’t leave my skin dry once I’ve washed it off, something I’ve never had in a cleanser/wash before. 

Overall with daily use my skin has not been as dry and my skin overall hasn’t been as sensitive so I am pretty impressed with these, especially the toner! I think the sale price is obviously a much nicer price than the full price but because I am impressed I would repurchase….I would also try more within the range, the makeup milk remover is on the list! 

Those of you looking for products based around sensitive or dry skin, I would definitely recommend these, the wash is particularly nice, gentle but effective! 

What do you guys think? 🙂 

Happy cleaning! 



4 thoughts on “NEW L’Oreal Skincare | Fine Flowers | Gel-Cream Wash & Toner

  1. This sealed the deal on me buying that toner! I’ve seen it when shopping and considered picking up a bottle but it sounds so good I’ll deffo be buying it next time. I have really sensitive skin especially in my T-zone so anything for sensitivity is my jam.

    It’s so weird it says makeup-removing toner, i’d never really put those two in the same category.

    Great review! xo

    Liked by 1 person

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