Happy Naturals | Dead Sea Minerals shampoo

Hello lovelies!

Again, this week I have a slightly different review for you. I haven’t done a hair product review in sooo long so I thought I would break that this week with a new product (for me) I have been testing.


  • Type of Product – Shampoo
  • Brand – Happy Naturals
  • Price – £4.00
  • Colour – Clear
  • Amount of Product – 300ml 10 fl oz.

For the past year or so I have started to struggle with my scalp. It has become very dry and flaky, particularly along the hairline on my forehead and along the three top sections of my head. It has happened since my skin has started to get less oily and this winter has shockingly been fairly dry at points. My mum suggested trying a Dead Sea Mineral base shampoo as this is meant to be calm on your scalp whilst also helping dry scalp. Sainsbury’s does a brand called Happy Naturals, I am unsure as to whether you can get this from anywhere else as I have only seen them in Sainsbury’s. I have to say I have some other products from them and they haven’t let me down just yet!

As usual I shall start with the packaging! I find the packaging of Happy Naturals very…happy and fun in general and I like the shampoos packaging. Although it is very simple and basic it still gives off a fun vibe for me.

The scent probably isn’t one that most people would want for a shampoo, it’s nothing horrible, its fresh and subtle compared to the majority of shampoos which often come heavily scented. In terms of consistency it is like any other shampoo and does not feel very thick. Although it is more of a mild conditioning shampoo because it doesn’t feel as thick as others it doesn’t feel as conditioning on your head. However, the product does lather well and is easy to spread round. To make the product more effective I rub it over my scalp with my finger tips and massage it in. My hair does feel very clean afterwards and I have noticed that it stays looking less oily for longer which is always nice. Additionally after only one use I noticed a reduction in my dry scalp, there were still dry patches but the skin was less flaky than before and that has continued with more uses. The amount of dry skin I had was reduced after three washes and the areas are much less dry than they were before I started using the product. I was really impressed with this as I wasn’t expecting, and don’t think I have ever had, results after just one use that have been this good.

In terms of claims the shampoo gently cleanses and soothes dry, flaky scalps. As attractive as this is I have to say they have nailed this claim bang on! In fact I think the only thing I would disagree with is the ‘conditioning shampoo’ claim. I do not think that this is very conditioning, it certainly leaves my hair very clean and soft but I wouldn’t skip on the conditioner just yet…

As a little side note I would like to add that I like the way they have marketed their product on the back of the bottle as they state ‘We aren’t perfect but we try to use ‘good stuff’ where we can’. I really like this as I haven’t seen many brands actively stating this which feels refreshing but also gives off the ‘shampoo next door’ vibe.

Overall I am really happy with what the shampoo has done for me, I wasn’t expecting an awful lot so would definitely recommend it. I would repurchase it myself as I know it works so would in turn, recommend it to others who are experiencing the same problem. I don’t feel as though the brand is spoken about enough! I know I can say that I never really thought about them as a go to but after this I am much more intrigued about their products and the brand themselves.

Happy shampooing!




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