Maybelline | Super Stay 7 Days Nail Varnish

Hello lovelies!

A slightly different post this week as I decided it was about time my VERY full collection of varnish got a little love. This week I was so impressed (again) with this varnish I thought why not do a post about it! Nail polish is always something that I have collected, I like doing my nails and getting creative but it does frustrate me that it chips and peels so easily! I got this and two other colours to test the ‘7 day’ claim.


  • Product Type – Nail varnish
  • Brand – Maybelline
  • Price – can vary but generally £4.49 seems to be the most common price.
  • Colour – Divine Wine
  • Amount of Product – 10ml

I do have a pale colour and a deep red colour in addition to this one. Maybelline do slightly different ranges in the super stay collection which ranges from gel, pastel to megawatt. They are all priced the same and are all a gel finish and all the ‘super stay 7 days’ claim.

Starting off with packaging, I do like the shape of the bottle and the thick glass base it has. The packaging isn’t anything special if I’m being honest and i’m not sure why but the white lid, for me, makes it feel a bit cheap. I realise they are cheaper nail varnishes but the white makes it look a bit tacky for me. What I do really like about the packaging is that they have gotten the writing size spot on, big enough so you can see it but not so big that it detracts from the colour. I find with some drugstore nail varnishes that the colour can be frustrating to see as there can be so much writing on the front and back of the bottle.

The applicator on this varnish is so wonderful! It’s one of those really easy to use ones that just coats your nail in varnish and can splay out to fit your nail. There are also no streaks when you double coat this as the applicator brush is thick. I find that some thinner ones streak when you have to do more that one swipe with them so I prefer the thicker brushes in general for nails.

The formula of the varnish is my absolute favourite, holy grail status even…I know let that sink in… I’d like to say that I own A LOT of nail varnishes and therefore A LOT of different brands from lower end such as Barry M, Bourjois, Max factor to higher end brands like OPI, Jessica and Essie so I have tried and tested enough to compare the formula. In one coat the nail varnish is completely opaque on your nail to the point where you could just use one coat if you are in a rush. The drying time is just like any other nail polish so nothing special there, although compared to the Barry M gelly shine formula they dry much quicker.

The claim I was, of course, most sceptical of was the ‘7 day’ staying power, especially since on the back of the bottle it says ‘7 days with top coat touch ups’. I have to admit I am lazy with this, I don’t think I have ever touched my nails up…ooppss! I was impressed with my lighter colour which is a french manicure base, however, this is of course a colour that is very close to the natural nail colour so seeing chips will be much harder, cue my dark colours! I thought the best way to truly test the staying power was to wear a darker colour so on went the varnish last Friday afternoon. Throughout my time wearing it I have washed up, cleaned and tidied, used hot water and cleaned out my two Guinea Pig hutches and this is how my nails look with no touch ups almost a week later:


I don’t know about you but I am SUPER impressed! Usually I would have super chipped nails right now so the fact that there is only minimal wear and tear around the top of the nail has really impressed me. This is the longest any nail varnish has stayed on my nails, especially since the wear and tear has only started to show within the past couple of days.

I think my final point to make is that looking around it would be nice to have more of a colour selection! There are a lot of pink based colours so it would be nice to have a whole spectrum across all the shades.

I will be purchasing more of these soon and I would definitely recommend them to anyone to try out, especially for the price. Of course let me know in the comments if you have had a different experience? I am interested to find out!

Happy nailing!




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