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Hello lovelies!

On this lovely sunny day I thought I would review a lip product better suited to spring. Whilst I haven’t jumped on the Lottie London makeup hype I did find this gloss and absolutely love the colour and since my collection is seriously lacking in the gloss department I thought I may as well try it!


  • Product Type – Lip Gloss
  • Brand – Lottie London
  • Price – £5.95
  • Colour – Crush
  • Amount of Product – 0.28 fl.oz

First off as usual is packaging and I have to confess that one of the reasons I am not particularly drawn to the brand is because the packaging reminds me of a makeup line based for young teenagers with hints of Miss Sporty. I personally find it looks quite cheap and whilst this isn’t true with all the Lottie London products it can put me off as it’s not the cheapest brand you can get your hands on. That being said it isn’t exactly expensive! The actual gloss packaging itself isn’t too bad, the hearts are quite cute and I like the tube and applicator for the product. I like the way that the name of the colour has been placed, on the back, easy to see instead of being chucked along the side of the packaging! My final thought on the packaging is that, for this colour, the tube is a very similar shade to the actual product colour which is an instant hit in my books!

An important point on this product for me is that it states it is a ‘full coverage colour gloss’. I am here to tell you that THIS IS NOT A GLOSS! I would like to firstly state that I really love the product! I think the formula is bang on, it sits on your lips well, is comfortable to wear and non drying, however, the branding of this has been done completely wrong. The product I would say is pretty much a cream liquid lipstick and dries to a suede finish so not a gloss at all! I’m not sure why this was marketed as one and this is a major negative for me as I bought it for the gloss finish the swatch gave off! The colour pay off is brilliant though so I completely agree with it being ‘full coverage’ I just feel as though this should be branded as a cream liquid lipstick.

The below pictures show the initial application on the right and the left image shows the wear after a couple of hours. 

Moving on from this point the formula is just amazing, so much so that I would actually purchase other colours! For more of a cream product the longevity is decent, obviously not in the league of a matte but doesn’t fade too quickly, I can drink and eat and still have a wash of colour intact. The way the product fades has also impressed me, The colour goes from really pigmented to a soft stain effect and does so very evenly. I have never had any patchiness when I have worn it. In terms of colour the initial colour resembles more of a mauve based nude but fades to more of a subtle rose-pink which sounds weird but I think it looks really nice!

The smell reminds me of the Rimmel Apocalips products, fresh and I would almost say cucumber like? I’m not sure how to explain it but it isn’t a bad smell and if you aren’t a fan the scent does fade pretty quickly so don’t let that put you off. As I briefly mentioned above the applicator makes it really easy to apply and it is one of those sweep and go products, it applies effortlessly and has recently been my go to colour for interviews!

Overall I am super impressed with the formula and would like to try out other colours, however, I am disappointed that there is no gloss although I would still recommend it to those looking for more a lighter liquid lipstick for the spring and summer months.

Have you guys tried these? Have you had a similar experience?

Happy Glossiping!



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