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Makeup Look | March | Aquamarine 

Hello lovelies!

Welcome back to my blog. Today’s post is my month themed makeup look and as usual you will see a wearable and non-wearable look. This months colour is Aquamarine which just remind me of mermaids and the sea since it is mostly a pale blue with tints of green and darker blue. For the wearable look I went with something very subtle but summery as I know for quite a lot of people blue is a scary colour to wear! The non-wearable, as you may have guessed, features more of a sea theme. I am also aware that the non-wearable look would look much better with some sort of wig, I do not own one but a dark blue/greeny wig would look good with this look to finish it off!

I hope you enjoy and as usual please leave any comments/likes or feedback 🙂


There was not a lot of product used to create this look so I didn’t bother doing step by step photos.

As usual I started with my base using the Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream in Light Beige which I just apply with my fingers which for me is the most effective way and I found this was enough for what I wanted so I didn’t use anything else for my face. I quickly combed through my brows using the Maybelline Brow Drama in Dark Brown and as a primer used my Colour Tattoo cream eye shadow in Creamy Beige. To add the blue I used a Bourjois eyeliner on my top and bottom lash line, although as you can see it has had good use so I have no idea what the name or colour is…. the liner is an ice blue with silver glitter and I thought this added a nice summer vibe to it whilst being subtle enough for everyone to use. Alternatively you could use more of a vibrant blue if you are feeling brave!

For my mascara I used my usual L’Oreal XFiber mascara but only used the first step. In true me style I forgot to include the lips but for these I would wear a tinted lip colour either in an orange or berry shade.


A little disclaimer before I start on this section…I got so into this I forgot to take step by step photos….with exception of the eyebrows!

So to start with eyebrows I started off with the colour Minx from my Urban Decay Spectrum Palette and put this through the first section of my brow using a brow brush. With the same brush I went into the colour Metamorphosis from the same palette and blended this through the middle section of my brows then finished the end section with a green colour (shown below) from my Revolution palette. I also used the residue on the brow brush to streak across my temple area.

The next area I started on was my face in general and I originally was going to apply a foundation but I decided that it didn’t need it and the CC Cream I had originally put on was enough of a base. I used a Real Techniques powder brush and dipped this into the Metamorphosis colour and a darker green from the Revolution Palette and buffed these round my face.  

I decided it needed more so I took a Real Techniques buffing brush and used Minx to create darker patches on my face which I then drew scale like shapes over with the Bourjois eyeliner that has no name… I decided I needed something to break up the blue so using the same brush I dipped into Faded which is also from the Urban Decay Full Spectrum palette, and again, patched the colour on areas of my face. I was pretty happy with the outcome but still wanted to add more to the scales so going back into my Urban Decay palette I used Iced over the scale shapes then highlighted the bottom sections of the scales with Bump, also from the same palette.

When I was happy with the face I moved onto the eyes and used the Bourjois liner all over my lid then added a white liner by 2True through my crease and as a flick. I decided I may have over done it on the white so I used the Metamorphosis colour through the centre of my lid to darken and put the blue back in.

To finish I put a Dark green liner by Maybelline very close to my lower lash line to deepen and add more green to the look to separate the blue. I then used another coat of the mascara, again just the first step, and decided to use my Nyx Cosmic Metals liquid lipstick in Dark Nebula.

Although I do think my hair doesn’t suit this look I am really pleased with the outcome and think it looks very ‘sea like’. The colours did look darker in real life so I edited a picture to show you, even though it still isn’t quite right!

I hope you like what I have created! Let me know what you think 🙂

Happy Marching!



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