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Bourjois | 123 CC Cream 

Hello lovelies!

Today I decided to review something more spring/summer based from the first peek of the sun we had at the weekend. A few weeks ago I started to get frustrated that the foundation I have is more of a heavy coverage. I don’t particularly want to layer this on my face everyday but I do what something light. Since I haven’t tried a BB or CC cream before I decided that I would go out and look at what Boots had to offer. Bourjois was one of the brands I had in mind to look at as I know they did some and it holds a special place in the makeup world for me as it was some of the first makeup I ever bought. After swatching until I had no hand and arm room left I decided that the Bourjois CC Cream was the one best suited to me, the colour that best matched my skin tone and the feel and finish. So after a couple of weeks use, here is what I think.


  • Product TypeCC Cream
  • Brand – Bourjois
  • Price – £9.99
  • Colour – Light Beige
  • Amount of Product – 1 fl.oz.

In true me tradition I shall start with the packaging. My first impression is that it looks fun and light, it tells you what it claims to do and what you should expect. I like the way Bourjois have done this as I think it is clear without overwhelming you. The next thing I noticed is that compared to other BB/CC cream packaging I saw (makeup stands only) this looks more ‘higher end’. I say this because there were quite a few other brands that used very basic looking packaging which to me felt as though not a lot of effort had gone into the product as much as other product ranges such as the foundation packaging. This obviously doesn’t apply to all brands but it is something that struck me so I thought it was noteworthy. I also noticed that this was one of the brands that had a larger amount of product in it. I can’t say for certain as it would take a while to compare all the products but in terms of packaging there were a lot of smaller tubes that I saw. I do like the size and shape of this tube though, I think it’s thin enough to put into your makeup bag and is a nice size to use in general. The product features a squeezy tube which I actually quite like, the amount that you use is easy to control which surprised me and although the formula isn’t thick I haven’t had any accidents like too much liquid pouring out both on application or upon laying the product down whilst I apply it.

As I mentioned above the formula of this product is fairly runny and I have found that a little goes a long way. For those of you don’t like scented products then you might have an issue with this as it is pretty perfumed, I do like the smell of Bourjois products though so this doesn’t bother me. The thing I have to point out which I really don’t like is that they only do four colours…yes…four! As you can imagine this is pretty much light, medium and a more tanned colour, but by no means what I would consider dark. There are two medium colours, one of which is the one I have which is more yellow toned with the other being a more pink toned. For those of you with either super pale or skin that’s above tanned, you might struggle with this product which is an issue I have with any brand with such a poor colour choice!

Moving on from this sore point the product itself I actually really like. I find it blends really easily into my skin and I just slap it on using my fingers to blend it out and make sure it is all rubbed in. I do have a lot of redness as you might be able to see in the picture below and if I’m honest I wasn’t expecting to have it covered, more lightened and evened out as that is what I was looking for. The product does claim to cover redness, dark spots and dark circles, naturally being a colour correcting product this isn’t surprising, however, I was surprised with what it did cover! My redness, as you can see is reduced very well whilst my under eye area looks more awake and brightened. I don’t think I can really give my opinion on the dark spot correcting but I was mega impressed with how well my redness reduced. I will say though that as the day goes on, although it stays put fairly well for a more hydrating product it can sometimes struggle with the redness on my nose and that is the first place it decides to fade.

The finish also claims to leave your complexion smooth and luminous, again something I was a tad sceptical about. Although it doesn’t completely smooth out my skin, it does make it look more even in terms of pigmentation and in general makes my skin look more healthy, dare I say luminous? So far so good for me, one claim left and this is that it provides hydration, 24 hr hydration to be precise. Whilst this definitely isn’t drying and does provide some moisture I wouldn’t go as far to say that I agree with it being that hydrating. Yes it is comfortable to wear and they have the formula spot on as it doesn’t make my skin greasy, it does however, stick to the small dry bits I have around my nose and cheek area. Whilst it doesn’t make these patches super obvious, on closer inspection they are possible to see although definitely aren’t highlighted to the point where you may as well draw arrows on your face saying ‘dry patches here!’. Continuing on from this my final point is that it contains some SPF protection at SPF 15 which is always a hit in my books!

As I mentioned briefly above the longevity is definitely not the same as a foundation, but I don’t think this is really comparable anyway as it is more moisturizer based. I does fade throughout the day, mainly around my nose area for me but I am still fairly impressed with its staying power everywhere else, I also bought this product knowing it would be a lighter coverage and for that reason I think the longevity is actually really decent.

Overall I am happy with the way that this makes my skin look. I wasn’t expecting my redness to be dulled down as much as it was from such a light weight product so I am really happy with that. I would really recommend this to anyone wanting a lighter base or is starting out and wants something less scary! I would also recommend this as a foundation base if you want some colour correcting but are either new to it or don’t need heavy correcting. I would say though that anyone with really dry skin to exfoliate and use a cream before this. Similarly anyone with super oily skin, I’m not sure if it would stay put throughout the day if that’s what you want it to do. I would also really recommend this for mature skin as I think it would sit really nicely and not look cakey. I would personally repurchase this though as I think it does what I want it to do without a massive price tag and has actually really impressed me.

Happy CC’ing!



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