NEW Rimmel |Oil Tint |’Oh my gloss’

Hello lovelies!

Today I have an exciting post on a new product that has hit the shelves. I have been seeing these kinds of products around lately with Barry M releasing two colour changing lipsticks and another brand (Freedom??) releasing a colour changing lip gloss – I did swatch this in the shop and it didn’t colour change though…. I love these kinds of products and the other day I saw that Rimmel has added two new colours to their ‘Oh my gloss’ range. They are oil-tints (which I am a big fan of), although they are both pink based colours which I’m not such a big fan of….However! One took my fancy which claimed to be a colour changing lip gloss…..Naturally it made its way into my basket…


  • Product type – Lip tint/gloss
  • Brand – Rimmel London
  • Price – £5.99
  • Colour – Smart Pink
  • Amount of Product –  0.21 fl oz

Getting passed my disdain of the colour, the packaging does remind me of the spring/summer months and looks bright and airy. I have to say I am quite taken by the style of the packaging, the twisted case is something different and very satisfying that every time the lid screws back on it lines up exactly! (breathes a sigh of relief).

The applicator is your standard flat doe foot style and is really easy to apply the product across the lips. There’s not too much more I can say on the packaging except that it just feels like your standard high street/drugstore packaging…with a twist! (sorry I had to fit this pun in somewhere…)

Possibly a comment to make is on the formula. I really like it, however, is it an oil or gloss???  I feel as though they have it bang on in the middle and the packaging is also confusing as it is part of the ‘Oh my gloss’ range but states it is an oil tint. It is a bit confusing but I’m going with an oil…with a bit of gloss… The formula first of smells AMAZING! It smells of raspberries and every time I wear it my mouth just waters. I really like that this isn’t sticky or too thick which is why I’m leaning to that its more of an oil than gloss, it is also extremely moisturising and hydrating which makes your lips look really plump and healthy.

Due to the formula the longevity isn’t going to be amazing but this doesn’t bother me personally as once the gloss has worn off it does leave a pink tint on your lips. Re-applying lip products throughout the day, especially when they are as easy to apply and wear as this it really doesn’t bother me.

The ‘developing’ time of the formula is super quick, the pictures you see below were taken no more than 30 seconds apart, so you do not have to wait long to get some colour at all. The colour does continue to develop after this point but only very slightly.

The picture below shows the slight tint it leaves once the gloss has come off. The product hadn’t been on my hand for long so the tint left is fairly subtle and not as pigmented as it can go on your lips.

The pictures below show some looks I have created with it this past week.

Overall I am really loving this product at he moment, it is so easy to wear and just pop in your bag. I love the way it looks on my lips and the way it makes them look also. I actually hope they come out with more colours for this as with the price tag they are definitely worth it! It will definitely be a staple in my makeup bag this spring.

Have you tried this yet? What do you think?

Happy tinting!




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