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Urban Decay | Full Spectrum Palette

Hello lovelies!

Another post I am very excited about! My first Urban Decay palette, which is fast becoming some sort of holy grail! If you are in the market for this palette I believe that it will be phasing out soon as it was limited edition. The palette boasts 21 colours, 18 of those are claimed to be new shades and 3 exclusives from previous palettes with three different finishes, matte, shimmer and metallic. The palette also comes with its own double ended brush.

An honorable mention goes to my wonderful boyfriend for getting this for me on an IOU. Thank you!


  • Product type – Eye shadow
  • Brand – Urban Decay
  • Price – £43 – I got it for £30 in Debenhams as they had an offer on.
  • Colour – Various (shown below)
  • Amount of Product –  21 x 0.04 oz

As usual I am going to talk about the packaging first, something of which Urban Decay rarely get wrong for me. I think for me the only negative I could find for the packaging is that it’s fairly bulky so may bother those of you who travel a lot! I love the way the logo has been designed on the palette itself and the black background really makes the logo pop which is obviously helped by the fact that it is raised to create a 3D effect. The feel of the palette is fairly weighty and feels high-end to me, even down to the rim that helps you to open it! I found this a nice touch as usually I bend my nails trying to get palettes open!

The outer packaging I also like, although the front doesn’t blow me away it did make me excited for what was inside the first time I opened it! I like that on the back you can see the colours inside and their names, I thought this was really useful, especially for those who may be seeing it for the first time in the shop. The colours are also very similar to the actual eye shadows themselves which I was impressed with as this is usually something that brands don’t always get right whether they are high or low-end.  

Every time I open this palette my eyes widen a little and my heart flutters…seriously I am blown away by the gorgeous colours in here! I am a person that Isn’t afraid to experiment with makeup and colour and will wear brighter colours be that either on my lips or eyes, so to me this palette is beautiful, the metallics especially get me every time. I like the way these shadows are laid out, they are in columns of ombre style colours and as you can see have three different shade ranges for each set. Each set also has each of the three finishes which I actually really like.

The set also comes with a big mirror and a brush. The mirror is brilliant as it is definitely a usable one! The brush, as you can see, I haven’t tried as, if I’m being honest, I preferred to use my Zoeva eye brushes.

All the eye shadows that I have tried from this palette are really nice and easy to blend and apply, however, the formula is fairly powdery so there is fallout, although the amount varies between colours. I have also noticed that they apply better with certain brushes, a fluffy brush gives the better payoff both when blending and placing onto your lid. I am slightly disappointed at this given the amount that this palette is but it’s by no means enough to put me off it. Most of these colours are super pigmented from the off and all are very build able depending on the intensity of colour you are looking for. There are a few which I found needed more layering than others, Jones, the lightest orange was one of these colours I found needed more layers than others to reach its full pigment potential! Although the majority of colours I think most people would consider less wearable I think the palette is still fairly versatile! Obviously if you are a lover of a nude palette this isn’t the one for you but there are more neutral looks you can create with it by using the lighter pink and gold colour. Even the orange I mentioned above could be blended out to create a more wearable look.

The longevity of these shadows surprised me, as they were powdery I wasn’t expecting them to last all day which disappointed me, however, they lasted really well whenever I wore them and had minimal creasing, even under the eye.

Here are some look below I have created using this palette:

For this purple smokey eye I used the colours Sketch and Delirious with a hint of Platonic do deepen the outer eye.

This look is by far one of my favorites! I created this sunset ombre look using bump as a base then layering and blending Calavera, Jones and Seize with a hint of Warning in the very outer corner.

This green smokey eye only used one colour from the palette and I just applied all over my lid and blended out, use Hundred to recreate this look!

I am absolutely loving this palette and really want to do a loom using Mean and a blue ombre eye. I would really recommend this palette if you are looking to experiment more with your colours or if you love these kind of colours like me. I am a bit disappointed with how powdery some of them can be as it isn’t a cheap palette by any means! Saying this though if they ever re-released it and I needed another I would buy it without hesitating as I am having so much fun with it which to me is what makeup is about!

What do you think of this palette? Have you used it? What looks have you created?

Happy colouring!



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