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NYX | HD Concealer

Hello lovelies!

As you can probably tell today’s post will be on the NYX HD Concealer. Now, I have to admit that concealer has never been a go to product for me but a few months ago now I realised that I need to up my game so to start I purchased this to see what I thought.


  • Product type – Concealer
  • Brand – NYX
  • Price – £5.50
  • Colour – Beige
  • Amount of Product – 0.11 oz

As you can see from the images below my face is pretty red in areas, mostly because I’m naughty and squeeze my skin more often than I should! I thought that this would be the prefect time to put the concealer to the test! I decided not to use a foundation as this would cover more and give the concealer less work to do so I used a BB cream and rubbed this into my skin with my fingers.

I have found that the best way to blend the concealer is to use a damp makeup sponge, which is exactly what I did. As you can see from the pictures the product does do a good job of covering up any unwanted blemishes and redness! It works well under the eyes also as it covers dark circles well, however it is a thicker product so if you’re after brightening concealer for under the eye area this probably isn’t the one! Under your eyes you will need to set this also to stop it from creasing, although I set my whole face too just to keep it in place.

Now that I’ve established that this concealer conceals I would like to discuss some other points. The formula of this doesn’t stick or emphasis any dry patches and I would recommend this for people with dry skin as their main concern, however, I would definitely recommend a damp sponge for application as this has the most seamless finish. The longevity of the concealer is also pretty decent and the only area I sometimes struggle with is the tip of my nose but I can get oily skin so I am assuming that explains it! The other factor I have found is that it isn’t super quick to dry which is nice when you are working with it as it blends really well.

The only negative point I have about this product is the colour. I swatched the shade in the shop and under all the lights it looked good. When I came to testing it I think a squealed inside as it came out ORANGE on my face! Luckily I stuck with it and blended it in as it then matched my foundation and skin tone really well. I guess this isn’t so much a negative point more of a ‘double check’ you have the right colour point as it could look deceiving when swatched in the shop.

The packaging of the product is fairly plain but I think it’s a simple and effective kind of plain. The tube looks sturdy and although its plastic does carry a weight to it which makes it feel pricier than it is and for some reason I really like the clear with black writing on this particular product more than others. The applicator I find is nice to use and picks up and distributes product well and can be surprisingly precise for smaller areas.

Overall I really like the finish of this product as I think it looks flawless and gives an ‘airbrushed’ effect. I’m sure you are not surprised to hear that I really would recommend this to anyone in the market for a concealer or even as a first time user. It would also be compatible for different skin textures/concerns although I would recommend powdering if you have oily skin. For £5.50 I think this is very reasonably priced which is a massive point for me and yes, I will be repurchasing this when it runs out!

Happy concealing!





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