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 Makeup Look | February | Amethyst

Hello lovelies!

The end of February signifies my monthly related colour makeup look. This months gemstone colour is Amethyst which is predominantly purple toned. Since purple is pretty much my favourite colour I was rather excited to experiment with this months look! For a wearable look I decided to go for a purple smokey eye and either a nude or tinted lip. The non-wearable look I went all out with and ended up with some sort of alien theme…??? I hope you like them, please leave me your comments and feedback 🙂


Over the past few weeks  my skin has, for some unknown reason, suffered so my base had a few more layers than what I’d normally do, obviously you do what you are comfortable with. I myself would not have worn all these different layers normally.

First of I started with a primer which was the Benefit, porefessional matte rescue, this is the gel version of their original porefessional. Once this had dried I applied my Urban Decay colour correcting fluid, green. I like to tap this in with my finger as I think it gives the best coverage, I then shamefully had to answer the door to a poor delivery driver with green pretty much all over my face…Once i’d recovered from this I applied my NYX HD Studio concealer in Beige and blended this with a damp makeup sponge. The picture below on the left shows these two steps. Once these layers had, had time to set I applied my Rimmel long-lasting 25hr foundation in Classic Beige, again blending it with a makeup sponge. Since this foundation is full coverage I didn’t need much concealer over the top of this, however, there were still small green tints on my chin so I applied some more concealer to this area and again used my sponge to blend. I then powdered pretty much the whole of my face using the Rimmel stay matte powder in Transparent. Finally to finish my base I applied the Maybelline colour tattoo eyeshadows in Creamy Beige and Vintage Plum.  This is what the picture on the right shows and below this are the products I used.

To bronze my face I used the bronzer from the Revolution ultra sculpt and contour kit in light/medium and applied this with a powder brush across my forehead, under my cheekbones and along my jaw line then with the left over product on the brush I swept this down my nose. To highlight I used the white colour from another Revolution palette, Blush in Golden Sugar. Again the images below show these steps and the products I used.

At this stage I realised I hadn’t done anything with my brows and since I wanted the eyes to be the main focus I just swept the Maybelline Brow drama mascara in Dark Brown through my brows to add a slight tint and set them in place. For the eyes I used my Revolution 144 ultimate shadow palette 2017 collection and used a champagne base to sweep over the lid. I then used a mid toned purple on the middle-outer section of my eye and blended this slightly through the crease also. To deepen this and make it more smokey I took a darker purple and blended this through the very outer section of my eye and took what was left on the brush and swept under both my lower lash lines. I then tight lined with the Maybelline master smokey shadow pencil in Smokey Black and then added a good amount of mascara using the L’Oreal false lash superstar XFiber to do so. The first set of pictures show my eye makeup without any mascara or liner. The second the products I used and the third set is the completed eye look.

I wasn’t sure what lip to put with this so the first picture I paired with a nude (L’Oreal’s J Lo’s Nude) and the second image I used my finger to tint my lips with Maxfactor Mulberry Lipstick which is a red/purple toned lipstick with a gold shimmer. These are pictured below.

And with that the below images show the overall look I created with both lip colours.


To kick of the non-wearable look I went back to my brows and used the darkest purple shadow I used on my eyes, I made them very defined and over drawn and literally just packed the product on. I also applied a Freedom lipstick in Intense Noir. 

Next up I went in with my Urban Decay Razor liner in Retrograde and started with the inner corner drawing a triangle shape. I then drew the line under my lower lash line and on the upper lash line and drew a long line from the bottom lash line. I then decided to wing it (get it?) and drew another line from the top lash line. I actually really like how it turned out, it was meant to be fairly messy so I was pleased with the way it looked.

After this I apparently decided to channel my inner festival alien style… I took the LA Splash Smitten liptint mousse in Bewitched and applied it in the middle of my upper and lower lip and blended. I then took the same lip colour and dotted it under each eye and on my brow bone. I then decided that I needed some highlight so grabbed my Accessorize icon eye shadow in Ultra Violet and using my finger applied it to my cheekbones and down my nose. For some reason I decided it needed more so drew the full line you see in the picture below down my face. I actually love the way this turned out on my lips especially! To contour I took the darkest purple and a deep navy blue coloured eye shadow and ran them under my cheek bones, under my chin and around my temples and hairline.

So here they are, my final wearable and non-wearable looks for the month of February!

What do you think of the looks I created? Leave your feedback below and any other suggestions 🙂

Happy February!




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