NYX | My lip collection

I thought I’d do a post on what NYX lip products I have as I would really like to expand my collection, I think it’s feeling pretty sorry for itself…. what can you guys recommend? 


  • Product type – lip products
  • Brand – NYX
  • Price range –  £5-6.50
  • Colours – Gingersnap, San Paulo, Soft-Spoken, Vintage, Cherry Skies, Speed of Light and Dark Nebula

I think out of all of the finishes to these the butter gloss has actually become my favourite! I find that the colour gives me a nice wash and it’s one of those ones you can just chuck on and reapply throughout the day as and when. The formula isn’t sticky and feels lovely on the lips, it also smells amazing and to me smells like a subtle ginger scent…

Next up is unfortunately my one and only soft matte lip cream, first off these smell pretty darn good, it reminds me of marshmallows, and have a gorgeous mousy texture! I like that fact that they aren’t really drying on the lips too. In fact my only criticism with these is that (although it doesn’t look it in the picture) the packaging colours are often way more muted or completely different to the swatch colour! It’s not the worst point in the world but it is annoying as it means that you can’t just buy them online unless you know how the colour actually swatches. I would really like some of the collections they are doing though, the reds and purples are on my list of ones I need to get!

These are possible my love/hate product. The suede/satin finishes are my favourite for any kind of lip product, however, with these I find them more matte and drying that the previous product I mentioned and the darker colours in particular end up crumbling so reapplying them takes time, saying this I’d love the whole collection and enjoy wearing them….hence the love and hate bit! 

My final two products from NYX are from their cosmic metals range, I LOVE this range as I really like the metallic lip trend, however, pretty much none of the colours are ‘wearable’ so they can be tricky to style. I do love getting creative with these though and again would like more from the collection! The formula of these isn’t a gloss, more of a mousy cream I’d say, they aren’t sticky and are comfortable to wear on the lips, they just aren’t going to have the staying power of a matte finish but personally this doesn’t bother me. 

So there it is, my current NYX collection! I would really like to add to this, are there any other colours or ranges you’d recommend? Have you tried any of these? 

Happy Nyxing! 



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