Face and Eyes

My evening skincare routine

For the past few months I have been in a settled and consistent evening routine with my skincare and I have to say I have really noticed the difference in my skin! 


  • Product types – face wash, scrub, oils and an overnight peel and lip balm. 
  • Brands – Sanctuary Spa, Marks and Spencer’s, Superdrug and Nuxe.
  • Price Range – £4.99-£10.99

If I have makeup on I will start by removing this with my Marks and Spencer’s instant radiance micellar cleansing oil from their pure range. This is gorgeous! It is a natural product and really cleanses your skin and breaks down your makeup within seconds and is far quicker than me using micellar water or a face wipe. 

Next I will use either my radiance exfoliator is my skin is feeling particularly bumpy or uneven or my warming detox charcoal wash, both by sanctuary spa. The scrub is my favourite face scrub as it uses apricot granules and grape seeds so it’s gentle but effective and doesn’t dry my skin out. The Charcoal wash is a lovely onenfor the evening as it warms up on your face as you massage it in and it does leave your face feeling very clean and soft, it can make your skin feel a tiny bit dry but this doesn’t bother me as it’s easily sorted! 

After this, and usually before bed I will apply either my Marks and Spencer super active overnight oil to give my skin a boost of moisture and since it’s from their pure range it also gets a lot of good things to soak up! If my skin is feeling more oily or lack lustre I will use my fairly recent Superdrug glycolic overnight peel to give my skin an appearance boost! I am findin that my skins texture and appearance looks better in the mornings from using this! If you do use an acid peel like this one then don’t forget to wash it off in the mornings and use an SPF moisturiser as they can make your skin more sensitive 🙂 

Finally just before I turn my lights out and settle down I apply my holy grail Nuxe ultra nourishing lip balm as it’s my go to and fixes my lips overnight! 

I would like to point out that during the colder months my skin is oily-combination as I can get really dry patches, particularly on my cheeks and the sides of my nose. During the warmer months my skin is more oily so I will have to see how it fairs with the night oil!

If you have oily skin don’t be afraid to use oil based products as since I have switched to my oil based cleanser I have noticed a reduction in my oil production and in turn its appearance! Also remember that a heavier moisturiser at night is good for your skin but use a light one during the day 🙂 

For those of you with dry skin use a more gentle scrub and face products as these can strip your skin of oils so hydraulic acid is your best friend! As are heavy nighttime moisturisers to give your skin a drink during the night and allow it to soak up the product. 

There we go my current and go to night time routine! What do you think? What products do you use and have you noticed a difference? 🙂 

Happy skinning! 



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