NEW Makeup Revolution | Retro Luxe Matte lip kits

The latest launch from Revolution gives us their answer to an affordable dupe of the Kylie Lip kits, or so everyone is saying. The concept is the most obvious similarity between the two, but colour wise there aren’t too many dupes in the range. If I’m honest I don’t think these have actually been officially released yet, I believe I managed to get my hands on the pre-release ‘test’. The pre-release only allowed you to purchase some of the Matte finish kits, however, the actual launch will see the introduction of two other finishes, Metallic and Gloss.  I picked out two colours from the Matte range which I thought I’d wear the most, Royal which is a purple shade and Regal which is a deep orange shade.


  • Product Type – Matte Liquid lipstick/Lip Liner
  • Brand – Makeup Revolution
  • Price – £6.00
  • Colour – ‘Royal’ and ‘Regal’
  • Amount of Product – Liquid Lipstick: 5.5 ml, Liner: 1g


I think the packaging has been done really well and I believe both the outside packaging and the product packaging looks really sleek with its matte black and rose gold finish. I also like the way they have shown off the colour on a pair of lips – yes also very Kylieesque! As you will see from the pictures the colours in the tube and the packaging look brighter than how they actually wear on the lips.

From this paragraph onward I apologize profusely for my bad application and dry lips. I did try to remedy this but apparently my lips did not want to co-operate.

Royal is the colour you first see below and initially looks like a bright purple. You will see that the colour match between the liner and lipstick isn’t an exact match with the liner being a few shades lighter than the darker hue of the lipstick.


The second swatch you see is the orange based Regal which is a slightly better colour match, the liner is a similar shade but has an almost pastel like undertone. I do think that both the sets compliment each other well though when applied together. The lip liners from both sets are really creamy and apply very smoothly across the lip. The liquid lipsticks surprised me as upon application you don’t get a mound of product attached to the applicator which I quite liked as it allowed me to spread it more evenly. The purple colour I could tell straight away that it was patchy on application,
which didn’t surprise me as dark liquid lipsticks do tend to do this. I was able to resolve this with a second layer but you do have to work fairly quickly as they start to dry and go sticky fairly quickly.


The orange colour went on more smoothly with no patches. And this is the one I chose to wear all day. The stickiness does wear off after a few minutes wear and after this it was very comfortable on the lips and didn’t crack or develop grainy patches. The longevity of these was actually pretty surprising, I haven’t re-applied all day and the only part that is wearing off is around the outer corners of my mouth from where I have eaten and drunk tea! The product is still very comfortable and my lips don’t yet feel like all the moisture is being sucked from them, which is always a bonus.

I also feel as though I should mention that when I went to take the purple off it was pretty difficult to remove and required a lot of rubbing with a makeup wipe! I was actually pretty impressed that I had to remove the swatches on my hand with a wipe also as no amount of hand washing appeared to have any kind of impact at all.

My only issue with these products is that on the liners the colour name is just stuck on the end which makes it look a bit cheap, I thought they would’ve printed it in the rose gold colour like they have the brand name, but I guess this isn’t very important just me being picky!


The picture below is of the swatches paired with a makeup look I did to suit both. I really am impressed with these and definitely think they are worth the money at £6 each! If you want to try the Kylie lip kits out but don’t want to part with your money just yet I would definitely recommend these. When the official release of these happens I will definitely be purchasing some metallic ones and possibly even a gloss one to try! I am pretty excited for the launch and am pleased that Revolution decided to put their spin on the lip kit.














I hope you liked this post. Have you managed to get your hands on these yet? Will you be when they launch?

Happy Kitting!




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