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Makeup Revolution | 144 ultimate eyeshadow palette

I was lucky enough to receive this as a Christmas present from my sister (thank you!) and have loved it ever since! The possibilities are quite literally endless with 144 choices! This palette as you can see has no matte colours, if that’s more your thing there is a separate palette like this one with just matte colours in. As you can see from the pictures below some colours are more pigmented and shimmery than others but all of them are stunning. For fairness sake all the swatches have been swiped three times. 


  • Product type – Eyeshadow
  • Brand – Makeup Revolution
  • Price – £20 normally but £10 on sale
  • Colour – Assorted
  • Amount of product – 116g 

Since I have searched ALL 144 of these I can safely say that the consistency of all are creamy to apply, some are slightly more crumbly than others in the pan but this doesn’t effect the application. 

On application the shadows are really pigmented, you can see which ones struggled from the swatches but there weren’t many, they blend really well when applied to the lid and also have good staying power. 

Some of the colours do look similar in the photos but do have slight differences, for example the reflects vary in the light. 

The packaging for me is 50/50, but I can’t really complain, it looks pretty sleek but the plastic feels like it could break if you open it wrong. 

On the whole I would recommend the palette as it has such a wide range of colours for a reasonable price and they feel high quality. If these ever run out I would definitely repurchase although I think that could be a while yet! 

Happy shadowing! 



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