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Urban Decay | Razor Liner Review

I am so happy to say that I have finally got a couple of products from Urban Decay. So far I am in love! Here’s my review of one of them:


  • Product type – Liquid eyeliner
  • Brand – Urban Decay
  • Price – £17.50
  • Colour – Retrograde
  • Amount of product – 0.07 fl oz

First off, packaging, personally I really like UB’s packaging. I like the purple sparkly box and I think the packaging of the eyeliner itself looks very sleek with a silver base and the other half of the packaging being the colour of the product itself. The colour range of the razor collection is pretty vast with the collection totalling 20 shades. 

I wanted one which was more wearable so I went for a black based shade with purple reflect as you can see below. 

The product is really cool upon application a watery gel consistency and dries incredibly quickly. The application is also really easy too and effortlessly glides over your eyelid. The only this I will say is that on the first swipe there is a bit of product buildup which can sometimes make a thinner line harder to draw on initially so I’d recommend starting on the outer section of your eye first. 

I was amazed by the longevity of the liner, the first swatch I ever did in a shop the day before I bought it and it lasted All day! Through washing and drying hands and even me picking at it. The same goes for on the eyes, the liner didn’t budge all day and looked exactly the same as when I’d first applied it that morning. 

My only Issue with this liner is the price tag…..just why?! It’s more expensive than the concealer I got with it….. saying that I would like more of the collection and would definitely get more if I had the money to do so! 

Overall I am really impressed with this liner, the staying power is amazing and I would definitely recommend if you wear liner often as a little goes a long way and you don’t need to top it up at all. A definite thumbs up from me 🙂 

Happy lining! 



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