NYX Cosmic Metals lip creams | Review

I have wanted a metallic lip colour for a while now and I finally saw the NYX ones in a massive Boots in Bluewater. 


  • Product type – metallic lip cream
  • Brand – NYX
  • Price – £7.00
  • Colours – ‘speed of light’ and ‘dark nebula’
  • Amount of product – 0.13 fl. oz.

My first impresses were :O my second was that there aren’t very many ‘wearable’ colours, the closest being The copper colour you will see below and a magenta colour which is pretty bright! 

The two colours I picked up were the copper colour I mentioned above ‘speed of light’, which I picked up as my more ‘wearable’ colour and a colbalt blue colour called ‘dark nebula’. 

First off the colour payoff is really good! Both colours are super pigmented and only one coat is needed to cover the lip. The application is really nice as they are creamy but thick so they don’t move around too much and don’t dry your lips out. The applicator is easy to use, I was surprised how easy they were too apply with the applicator as it’s pretty long so I thought it might get a bit messy! 

I applied mine both with and without a lipliner, I found that they are better in general with a lip liner (I used a nude one) but if you aren’t a lip liner person they are also good without, I would personally apply two coats for better pigmentation.

Here is a look I created with ‘dark nebula’: 

Throughout the day, wearing the blue colour, I was surprised how long they lasted, given they are a cream base I wasn’t sure but it didn’t budge! I drank and ate lunch and the colour was still evenly on my lips. If not a little lighter. I was pretty impressed and I didn’t top it up all day and at the end of the day, although pretty faded still looked even. 

Overall I am super impressed with these, they are comfy to wear and fade evenly, my only issue being that I now really want the other colours too! (Goodbye money!) if any of you want to try a metallic lip without shelling out then definitely go for these! 

Have you tried these or anything similar? What do you think? 

Happy metallicing! 



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