Stuff I got for Christmas/sales | Haul

Hello all! 

I hope you have had a good Christmas and new year and aren’t feeling too horrible being back at work. 

For this post I thought I’d combine the beauty stuff I got as presents and stuff I got in the sales/after Christmas. I’m not going to put prices of Christmas presents though as some of them I don’t know anyway and for me since they are presents I’d rather not actively search for the price. I will however, put where you can purchase them if you want to have a look 🙂 

Thought I’d start off with skincare/bath stuff first. 

Mandara Spa: Amber Heaven: 

I’m a massive fan of Mandara Spa collections and have never been disappointed by a product. My only issue is that the only place I’ve found to purchase it from is Sainsbury’s! 

These were a little present from my parents, I have used them both and love them! They smell divine and leave your skin feeling super soft and moisturised.


Believe it or not these are the first bath bombs I have ever purchased from lush…..yes I know…..I’m slowly regretting it! 

This is the only one I havnt used yet and is the twilight bath bomb. It has a lavender scent which I love and the pattern pretty much sold me anyway! This retails for £3.75. 

This one is called northern lights and I got this to see a more crazy coloured bath….although it does end up looking like murky pond water….it smells really nice though (not like pond water) and combines a fruity/floral scent. This retails at £3.95.

The butterbear bath bomb is now a favourite of mine…firstly it smells of honey and vanilla and when it melts in the bath it releases little clumps of essential oils which really make your skin feel soft and luxurious. This little guy retails for £1.95. 

Royal Jelly mini’s set:

These are a Marks and Spencer’s own brand and smell of pure luxury. A little gift from santa….


My sister first got me this a year or so ago and I just fell in love with it! It smells so gorgeous and feels like a treat when using it. I was so glad that yet again my sister bought me this as I was running out of my other bottle! There is literally nothing bad I can say about this guy, you get a massive amount for a decent price and you can find the range in Superdrug 🙂 

Onto the makeup section now! This isn’t as big and the majority of this I purchased myself. 

Urban Decay: 

These were my little treats with Christmas money and oh my just look at them! I’m not going to go into too much detail as I’m doing individual blog posts on them but the concealer retails for £16.50 and the eyeliner £17.50. 

Another little treat from Santa was this Heathcote & Ivroy Atlas Silks lip gloss. I love this. It has a gorgeous peach scent and although it looks bright the colour is a lovely sheer wash over your lips. I would say though that this is more of a balm than a gloss! 


I have wanted a metallic lip product for a while now and had a £30 boots voucher to spend so picked up these two beauties. Again I’m doing a separate post on these so won’t go into too much detail but these retailed for £7.00. 


One of the little things my man got me were these lip duos. They are super comfy to wear and although it says ‘high shine’ aren’t super glossy…I find they give your lips a healthy plump look. 


The rest of my voucher went on these beauties. Since they were on offer for £19.29 I couldn’t resist and am really happy with them! All the colours are wearable and comfy and have a hint of mint to the scent. 


Another gem my sister got me was this lip duo. I have another one of Zoellas and loved them so was really happy when these appeared! The red tin had a subtle shimmer in it but again more of a ‘healthy lip look’, it also smells of gingerbread which is an instant hit! 

The second tin is scented with vanilla and is a plain balm. They both moisturise your lips so well and am impressed with the quality of them. 


My final makeup item and yet another gem from my amazing sister was this eyeshadow palette. Just take a moment to appreciate it……again I won’t say much as I’m doing a separate post so stay tuned for that! What I will say though is that I love it! 

My final two items are practical ones that I needed for my bag/collection: 

Again a little something from santa was this Dirty Works eye pencil sharpener. I really needed another one of these as mine is pretty much gone. As you can see I am yet to use it but am relieved that I got one! You can pick up the Dirty Works range in Sainsburys 🙂 

My final item for this post is a mirror for my handbag from my sister. I have needed one of these for sooooo long now and really love the one she chose for me 🙂 one side features a 5x zoom and the other mirrored side is the standard view. I’m not sure where this is from so I can’t recommend places, if anyone knows or has seen something similar let me know! 

And that is it for my post today. I am so looking forward to using all this stuff and testing them out. I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and that it wasn’t too long! 

What did you guys get? Did you snap any bargains in the sales? 

Happy hauling! 



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