Top red lip products | Festive Edition

I love a red lip and there’s no better time to wear one than at Christmas! I’ve put together a selection of refs for all occasions! 

The subtle one: 

Is my Laura Mercier lip gloss. It gives a subtle wash of colour and small glitter flecks give it that extra dazzle. 

The melted one: 

Possible the most light weight of them all with a satin finish this gem is a pink based red that would look stunning with pretty much anything! No lip liner is needed.

The velvet one: 

Liya’s red is gorgeous, again more of a pink based red and isn’t a complete matte finish and looks 

This little Laura Mercier number is more of a classic red with a cream finish. This has more staying power with a lip liner but can be worn without.

The effortless one: 

The L’Oreal Gold Obsession is an orange based red with gold shimmer running through it. It looks as though you’ve put effort in! Again this doesn’t need a lip liner and is a cream finish. 

The burgandy one: 

This Bourjois is a deep dark red and ideally needs a liner otherwise the application is patchy. The finish is meant to be matte and mostly is but takes a while to dry completely matte I’ve found. It also comes out darker than the picture shows! 

The very matte one:

Last but not least is ‘vintage’ a purple tinged dark red with a matte finish. No lip liner is needed as it doesn’t apply patchy and dries quickly but is prone to a bit of flaking after a few hours of wear.

I hope there is something for everyone! What’s your go to red lip? 

Happy reding! 



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