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Bold lip Christmas Look!

Thought i’d have a bit of fun and do some Christmas makeup posts.I decided to do one for those of you who may not like the red lip look, I have opted for more subtle eyes, gold liner and a deep purple with gold over the top. I hope you like!


First off I started by moisturising my face and used a serum and Nuxe moisturiser:

Face base: 

My base and foundation were up next! 

This was my first time using the Marcella BB cream and it gives a gorgeous glow! I then applied my foundation with my Zoeva face brush. 

Brows and lid base: 

Using my Ted Baker brow brush I applied the powder from the kit and the brow mascara over the top and just put the cream eyeshadow on whilst I was at it. 

Contour/highlight etc: 

I used my beloved high beam on my cheekbones, brow bone and a small bit on the tip of my nose. I then took my Zoeva face shape brush and used the bronzer from the Revolution palette to contour my cheeks, nose, jawline and forehead. 


I then set this in place using my Revolution pro fix spray. (Recommend! And it smells of cherries….). 


I then did my mascara and decided to use my byTerry gold liner on my lower lash line and just on the outer corner. 


I used the OCC lip tar primer for the first time and really liked it! I let that set before applying two layers of the NYX liquid suede in vintage. Once this had dried I then used the pure gold, gold obsession lipstick over the top to tie it in with the eyes and add the glam! 

To finish I did another spritz of the setting spray. 

This was the final look: 

Hope you like! Thought it could be a red lip alternative! Let me know what you think 🙂 

Happy makeupping! 



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