November Favourites

First off, i’m sorry I have been a bad blogger lately, I have had to deal with some difficult things over the past couple of weeks, but hopefully I am back!

I think it’s safe to say that two of my most favourite things this month have been my M&S Pure, Micellar Oil Cleanser and the Night Face Oil. These two are made up of completely natural ingredients and have been really helping my skin. The cleanser removes my makeup effortlessly and leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturised. The Night oil has a strange scent, possibly the chamomile, it smells very fresh in a strange way…. but nonetheless really makes a difference to my skin. The oil isn’t watery which is nice as it really stays put on your face an sinks in nicely, and doesn’t make your face look shiny.

My third favourite of November has been a Clinique anti-redness cleanser that the lady at the counter kindly gave me a sample of. The only thing i’m not keen on is the smell….I can’t work it out so I remain unbiased towards it. I was initially skeptical trying it as the concept of ‘anti-redness’ has never worked for me before. The cleanser does reduce redness initially after use and with continued use does help to minimise it throughout the day, so I am pretty impressed. I would also like to repurchase but at £18 I am saving up! Granted the product size you get is pretty decent!

In terms of makeup I have gone back to my Revolution Blush palette. I have really enjoyed using it more than I have previously and have used it on every single look I have worn this month. I am still impressed!

My other favorites have been movie based. Two new movies this month have been Beauty and the Beast and Pocahontas. Two of my favourite Disney movies which don’t really need more introduction!

I have also gotten the chance to watch all three Star Trek films (the ones with Chris Pine) and I have to say I have REALLY enjoyed them and would really recommend them to anyone who hasn’t seen them yet.

What’s been your favourites for November? 

Happy novembering! 



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