Face and Eyes

Real Techniques | Makeup Sponge

It’s orange, it’s a cult product but is it any good?

Since the death of my beloved Spectrum makeup sponge I decided to branch out and try the Real Techniques one as I’ve heard so much about it. 

At £8.99 it’s not the cheapest but by no means the most expensive. Being bright orange in colour also means you can’t miss it….bonus!

In terms of shape I really love the fact there’s a flat side which makes it easier to do both a larger surface and get under the eyes and around your nose. The other side of the sponge features a rounded tip which is handy for contour and chin. 

The finish it gives is very natural and evens out the skin tone well. What I also like about this sponge is that you can also use short quick strokes to blend instead of just the dabbing motion which sometimes works better with this one. The sponge also soaks water up well but make sure to ring it out well as it holds onto a fair bit of water! The sponge is lovely and fluffy when ran under water.

My only criticism of the product is that it soaks up a lot of product and I originally didn’t think this would bother me about any sponge, however comparing it to my Spectrum sponge there is a big difference on both the application and the amount of product you use. 

Overall I’m still 50/50 on what I think. I like the shape of the sponge but the amount it product it soaks up for the price it is lets me down. If I’m honest I don’t regret purchasing it but I’m not sure it’d be a repurchase. 

Happy Sponging! 



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