My Little Box | October Edition

Brooklyn is this months theme, the quaint design on the box pays homage to the style of the Brooklyn coffee shops.

Inside the theme carries on and the lifestyle goodies in this months box feature a tin style espresso cup with a template to sprinkle powdered chocolate over your coffee. I’m not bothered by these items as I can’t have much coffee so will probably never use the template. I may use the mug, although It feels quite cheap and thin so not sure how it will hold up with continued use. I do like the idea though! The cup retails for £10.00 which personally seems pretty steep…

The second item in the box is a fashion item, pins for clothing. There is a donut style pin and a pair of geometric rose gold style squares with a dark teal section in the middle. I don’t tend to wear pins but I like the geometric style so I’m determined to find a way of wearing them! Both of these retail for £6.00.

Diving inside the bag I was instantly excited at what I saw…

The first item is the My little beauty’s own, a nail strengthener treatment retailing at £7.00 and boasts a subtle scent of oranges. I have used this for a couple of days and have actually noticed a slight difference in my nails which I am pretty impressed with, I will definitely continue to use it!

The next item is a sample sized Givenchy Noir Couture Volume mascara. It’s meant to create extreme volume and I LOVE IT! The wand is a pretty chunky one which features longer bristles towards the back of the wand and slightly shorter ones towards the front. The mascara is so lovely to apply and doesn’t transfer onto your eyelids. The formula isn’t clumpy and does give your lashes lots of volume and helps to thicken. Overall I love this and would seriously consider purchasing a full sized one which retails for around £25.00. The packaging is also amazing, featuring a studded style black casing with silver accents.

The final product was the one I was most excited about as I’ve always wanted to try some makeup from By Terry. I actually think this is a full sized product also (it doesn’t state either way) as it seems to big to be a sample size. The product is the crayon khol Terrybly eyeliner in 15-Gold Ornament. The packaging doesn’t feel cheap and retails for £24! The formula claims to be waterproof which I havn’t tested but for an eyeliner which glides onto your eyelids and feels creamy in consistency, it didn’t budge all day!

I am really impressed with the beauty selection in this box and it is probably my favourite out of the ones I have previously received. What do you think?



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