Birchbox | October Edition

This is most gorgeous box! The theme this month is star signs. Each person has been sent a star sign box that matches them,big they’ve filled their birthday out that is! If not a random design was sent. For me the box design is the most exciting thing this month. 

The first item is the Ole Henriksen truth serum collagen booster but unfortunately the lid wasn’t sealed properly on mine so it leaked everywhere! This is the first time I have received anything ‘broken’ from Birchbox so am slightly disappointed, especially because it’s a product I’d of loved to try! The product retails for £47 so not cheap!

The next product I’ll speak about is the full sized one, the Lord and Berry Maxi Matte lip crayon in the shade intimacy. This shade is a gorgeous colour! The formula is comfortable on the lips and applies well. The longevity isn’t the best for a Matte product but reapplication doesn’t bother me so it’s a good one in my books! This retails at £12.

The third item I am pretty disappointed in, retailing for £1.99 is the Birchbox eyebrow brush. Personally I don’t feel the need to comb through my eyebrows anyway but I feel as though the price is reflected. The bristles are super harsh and stiff and feel pretty cheap, though the black design does make it look sleek and although I criticise it does do the job for combing through your eyebrow hairs, I’m just not wowed. 

The next item I feel meh about is the Doux Me Pure Spring Mist, retailing at £16 it isn’t the cheapest on the market. The product itself is really nice and hydrates your face whilst cooling your skin. My gripe with it is that it’s just water. I could just splash my face with water from a tap….no? Saying this I do like the effect it gives. 

The penultimate item was also ‘broken’. Again the cap was loose so I have lost some product but not enough to notice! The product is the Number 4 Fluoro5 Elixir Restore and Repair Oil. Let me tell you it is definitely an oil….it has that really greasy texture to it but has an amazing smell! I haven’t actually tried this on my hair yet but I am hoping for good things! It retails at £18.

The final product is one I am most excited about as I’ve always wanted to try something from this brand. Aromatherapy Associates De-Stress muscle gel. This has a gorgeous smell of Lavender and Ginger but also contains rose,army and black pepper. I have also yet to try this but I am really looking forward to doing so! It retails for £25. 

So I don’t end on a sour note I would like to say that I would’ve had much more enthusiasm for this box if two items hadn’t been loose. I feel as though this is something that could be prevented as its not a cracked bottle! However, the theme and design of the box win me round and I a, also pleasantly surprised at some of the products, my own views aside! 

Happy Boxing 



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