Birchbox | September Goodies!

About four months ago I subscribed to two box subscriptions, Birchbox and My Little Box.

I thought I would do a monthly blog on both the boxes and whats in them. Birchbox is £12.95 a month including postage and packaging. You get five items in each box with one full size product. When you first sign up you get the opportunity to complete a questionnaire on what you like for makeup and what type of hair and skin you have so the products you get can be suited to you. This does meant that I won’t get the same products as others. Birchbox also give you the opportunity to buy products from their website and give you points when you fill out reviews, collecting enough of these will eventually mean you can spend them on a product on their website.

Each box usually has a theme or a collaboration, this month the theme was heroes. Not the comic book ones I may add but the products that help your nails, skin and hair etc. The boxes are always beautifully designed and this month the box features a diagonal pattern with three pastel colours, lilac, yellow and pink.

The first item in this months box that I am realllllyyyyy excited about is the Nuxe Paris Prodiqieux huile de douche which basically translates as a ‘precious scented shower oil’ with a golden shimmer! Initially the scent is quite overpowering and smell floral in the tube. I have been able to use this and the scent is really pleasant on your skin and helps to make the product feel really luxurious. The product is quite thick but once it starts to warm up on the skin feels more like an oil and less of a shower gel. The shimmer is gorgeous, subtle but definitely makes a difference! My skin after felt so pampered and nourished and my skin was definitely silky and moisturised. The Shimmer also makes your skin look healthy with a slight glow to it. Overall I have nothing bad to say except that it wasn’t a full size! The full size (200ml) retails for £10.

The next item in the box is the Amika: Bombshell Blowout Spray. This is the first time I have heard of this product before and I havn’t been able to test it properly yet, although I have given my hair a quick spritz. The scent is Sea Buckthorn Berry and smells really nice on your hair and feels really nourishing compared to some texturizing sprays that make your hair feel dry and crisp. The bottle claims to be protecting, texturizing, volumizing and repairing. If i’m honest i’m not sure its going to be volumizing for my hair but it does feel repairing and protecting. I will report back with a full review later on! This product retails for £14.99.

The next product in the box is a nail one from Nailtiques. Again I haven’t heard of this product before but am looking forward to trying it! I am waiting to try it as I currently have some strengthener on my nails but I will again update once I have tried and tested. The Varnish is meant to be a ‘nail protein’ to help soft, peeling, bitten, weak or thin nails. The product description says the formula contains keratin, protein and calcium to help bond your nail layers together. It says to apply every other day then reduce as your nails improve, this retails for £12.50.

The final item I haven’t tried, because I wanted to leave it in the packaging for the photos in, is the Starskin Smoothing Bio-cellulose Second Skin Eye Mask, Eye Catcher, the secret revealed….what a mouthful! The mask is meant to brighten the eye area and is infused with coconut juice and licorice root extract which helps to smooth and de-puff. The instructions say to leave on for around 15 minutes although there is a statement on the back that says ‘a mild temporary redness may occur after you remove mask due to active ingredients’…….It does say its safe to use everyday but doesn’t sound like it’s suitable for sensitive skin! I will report back once I have used it. This retails for £8.50.

The final and fullsize product in the box this month is a Model Co. Highlighting Trio in the colours Champagne, Peach Bellini and Bronze. My first thought was that the product is quite small for a fullsize which was a little disappointing but the colours look pretty, although I have to say the peach colour airs more on the pinky side. The products are cream based and blend well on the cheek and I was pretty impressed with the way they look! They all give a subtle glow, however, if you are looking for a strong highlighter, this isn’t the one! Although I would recommend as the finish they give is very flattering across all the colours. The product retails for £14 which does seem a little steep and at this price I probably wouldn’t run out to repurchase when I run out, maybe on an offer!

From the research I have done on other subscription boxes, Birchbox is the one that will allow you to try more higher end beauty products and brands which you may not have heard about before which is the reason I signed up to it in the first place. Feel free to check them out here and see what you think.



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