L’Oreal | NEW Gold Obsession Lipsticks

oohhhhh the packaging…oohhhh the colours…..oohhhh the EXCITEMENT!

When I first saw these I was so disappointed because there were none left! I went online and they weren’t anywhere to be seen…what?? BUT when I popped into boots the other day I found them! However I’m not sure they have officially launched yet as I can’t find the collection online.

First off, I love what they’ve done with the packaging! It’s a black to gold ombré and I have nothing bad to say I just love what they’ve done!

I managed to swatch all colours but was only able to get 4/5 as they did not do ‘Plum Gold’. I have to admit although this was the one I was most excited for it was the one I was most disappointed with  as the gold wasn’t obvious when swatched.

The four shades that I did manage to get my hands on are, Pink Gold, Pure Gold, Nude Gold and Rouge Gold. The Pink colour is quite a baby shade of pink and looks beautiful when it reflects the light. The Nude shade is very similar to the Pink and when it reflects looks like a champagne nude. Both these colours aren’t obviously ‘gold’ but they look stunning in the light and on your lips. The Rouge colour is quite an orange based red and again the gold flecks aren’t obvious but are more visible than the two shades previously mentioned. Perhaps the most exciting and different colour for me is the Pure Gold shade, initially I thought it would wash me out and look awful but with heavier eye makeup it really gives a dramatic look. The colour is very pigmented and really shimmers on the lips, my only criticism is that you need to apply it carefully and use a lip liner as it is very patchy to apply straight to your lips.

The formula of all the lipsticks is the usual ‘colour riche’, moisturising and glides over your lips. As usual with more moisturising lipstick formulas you will have to reapply throughout the day but personally this isn’t something that bothers me with any lipstick. At £6.99 these lipsticks are pretty affordable and worth it if you want that extra bit of glam added to your makeup look, I do however, wish that the gold could be more prominent across the colours for a ‘gold obsession’ collection.

Not wanting to end on a sour note because I do really like the idea and the lipsticks with my favourite being the nude gold. I am really looking forward to creating some looks with the pure gold shade and think it would also look really good over the top of other lipsticks!

Happy Golding!




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