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Real Techniques | Brush Cleansing Palette

Brush cleaning… Probably the most tedious and annoying job that accompanies wearing makeup. To most of us it’s a chore, especially if you have so many brush collections!

I have to admit that cleaning my brushes didn’t used to be a chore for me, I never used many and initially my only foundation was a powder one so they didn’t get quite as messy! Once I started using my eye shadow and face brushes more and introduced liquid foundation it fast became a different story…

The other day I purchased the Real Techniques Brush Cleansing Palette in a last effort to ditch the muck off my brushes. Gone are the days of swirling them round my palm, were my initial thoughts, I mean anything with the Real Technique stamp on accompanied by the faces of Sam and Nic Chapman are trustworthy right?


Right! So far I have not found a duff product and this palette had indeed impressed me. The palette comes in a hot pink colour and is made up of a silicone material which features a hand strap on the back and three differently textured sections on the palette itself. The first texture features larger half circle shapes, the second a cluster of criss crosses and finally rows of smaller dots. Being completely honest, I have no idea if they are meant to be used for any specific type of brush, I decided to just go for it!


I had quite a few brushes to wash, all of them in fact, small, big, fake hair and the ‘real’ hair ones. I thought having this range would put the palette to the test! I wasn’t sure what to wash them with this time but I ended up opting for a coconut water shampoo/conditioner. I used conditioner for my Bare Minerals brushes as they feature ‘real’ hair and are therefore can be more spiky on the face. I used the shampoo for the other brushes as I did not want to soften the bristles too much.



I actually thought that the palette made the brush cleaning process more enjoyable and far more satisfying to see all the dirt coming off on the palette! It’s incredibly easy to use as you just need to slip your hand through the back and start swirling your brushes round. You don’t need to press hard either which is nice as it means you don’t ruin your bristles and misshape them. The most effective texture I found to be the criss cross pattern as no matter how big or small the brush was it gave the deepest clean and really got down to the root of the bristles. The half circle texture I found to be good for bigger brushes like the Real Techniques Powder Brush and the smaller dots were useful for lip and eye brushes. I still used the criss cross pattern to make sure all the product came out of the brushes though and think I will continue to use that texture in future.


Overall I am really impressed with this product, my brushes have been really thoroughly cleaned and the whole process isn’t time consuming or hard. The only gripe I have is the price! At £12.99 I think that is pretty steep, however, I will definitely continue to use this in the future and I recommend to all you guys out there who find brush cleaning a long and arduous task. Check the product out here.

Happy Cleaning!




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