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L’Oreal | Volume Million Lashes | Fatale

My all time favourite drugstore mascara so far is the Volume Million Lashes Feline but when I saw L’Oreal’s latest mascara launch I got rather excited! I expected big things and when I realised my beloved mascara was running out I decided to stray and bought the Fatale.

I actually really like the packaging and like the fact that its bold but simplistic. No fuss but good-looking all the same! I also like the way they have different colours and products under the ‘Volume Million Lash’ branding, it all seems so organised! The original Volume Million Lash mascara packaging consisted of just two colours, black and gold, which gave off a classy yet ‘rock chick’ vibe. Since that creation there are now four ‘sub’ mascara’s in the collection, Fatale, Feline, So Couture and Excess, all colour coded and all feature the original black and gold colouring with an additional colour.

The Fatale, is a Magenta Pink, and although I am not a fan of the colour Pink, I actually quite like the shade and the ‘bad girl’ vibe that comes with the name. The wand is made up of plastic bristles and they are grouped in two’s in diagonal lines around the wand. The formula is quite thick and creamy and, similar to its sister product, does make me go ‘wow’ with the effect it gives. However, I find that I have to work harder with it to give a nice fanned out effect as otherwise it can get a bit clumpy. The effect does give a lot of length and makes your eyes pop after only one coat. If you like the more clumped look then I think this mascara is good for a lighter alternative to the L’Oreal Miss Manga range but I personally prefer a fanned out natural lash.

before and after with one coat!
The price tag to accompany the Volume Million Lash line of mascara is £9.99 which I feel is a good price for the effect they give! Check the range out here.

Would I buy this again? Probably yes. Would I buy it over the Feline one? No. The feline is still my top mascara, although I would recommend them both depending on the lash effect that you are looking for!

Happy Lashing!




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