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Oily/combination skin? | The Foundation edit 

During my teen years my skin became very oily and from 18 onwards my skin started to make a slow transition to being oily/combination. I now have the occasional dry patch that plants itself onto my face and as a result both my skincare and the makeup I can use has changed. 

I never wore a liquid foundation when I had oily skin as I found they just enhanced it and throughout the day just slid off my face. During my teens I wore a mineral powder foundation by maybelline but sadly, at the time, they stopped doing this and I went on a mission to find another. This was when I discovered bare minerals powder foundation and the brand in general which, I have to say, I have consistently been impressed with, particularly with the amount of foundation shades that are available. 

The foundation itself helps to mattify my skin and does a really good job of keeping this at bay throughout the day whilst not emphasising any dry patches. My only criticism is that at the end of the day there are times where I don’t feel there is any product left on my face, although, saying this my face doesn’t look any worse compared to when I first put it on. The consistency of the powder is fine which means that it buffs very well and can easily be layered again without looking like you’ve sneezed into a bag of flower. The coverage is light to medium depending on how you want to wear it and does a good job of evening out skin tone. Once on your face the product itself easily blends with other powder and cream products and stays well put during the application. The product isn’t the cheapest retailing at around £26.50, I usually get mine from feel unique.com, click here

Since my skin has become slightly less oily I have been wanting to try a liquid foundation and thought I would check out the Revlon colour stay liquid foundation for oily/combination skin after watching a Tanya Burr video. I have to admit I was nervous to try a liquid foundation after such a long time but I eventually plucked up the courage and dived in! I won’t go into my first application as because Revlon didn’t do a pump version at the time – I am pleased to report they now do! – a lot came out on the back of my hand…… My second try went a bit better and I was pleased, and slightly proud, of the end result. The coverage is medium to full and again does a good job of evening skin tone and even reducing redness by a considerable amount. The consistency is creamy but not heavy and does blend well and evenly covers any dry patches, I would however, recommend blending with a beauty blender type sponge as the finish is completely flawless. Again this blends well with other products, particularly powder as it provides a good base. This foundation combined with hot weather and oily skin…..is ok, it does a good job of not sliding around your face but it can feel like you just rub it off if you wipe your face at any point. It also doesn’t feel as nice on your face as the powder one when its hot/skin is oily as it is heavier. This is a drugstore foundation but isn’t the cheapest you can buy, retailing at £12.99, check it out here

Overall I do love both foundations and if I’m honest do like the fuller coverage of the Revlon foundation and whilst I appreciate that there are few people who get as hot as I do the bare minerals foundation is my fail safe when I want to wear something but know It’s going to be a hot or active day. 

Happy Foundationing! 



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