Face and Eyes

Revolution | Golden Sugar Blush Palette 

Yet another Revolution product! Can you tell I’m brand/product testing? 

This time round I’m going to start with the packaging and Revolution it has to be said aren’t bad in this department. I find their packaging tends to feature one or two colours only and is either subtle or bold. The packaging on this palette leans on the subtle side, boasting a matte black base with gold writing and, as usual, an image of what’s inside on the back. The pan inside carries on the theme of black and gold but drops the matte black for a shinier finish. 

In true Revolution fashion there is a clear plastic cover over the top of the products but unlike the eyeshadow palettes these don’t have names. 

The feel of the blushes are lovely and feel very light on your skin. Out of the eight blushes in the pan there is one matte colour which looks really good as a subtle bronzer when you’re not feeling like that full beach babe glow look. 

The more subtle colours in the pan are the pink, purple and gold along the top row with the pale gold shade on the second row. Although these give a really subtle hint of colour to the cheeks they are all buildable and in my opinion the pink shade is the best at this. 

The other shades are definitely more pigmented and although I have used them as blushes, more often than not I use them as highlighters as they give an incredible glow! My favourite is the white colour which on me I would only use as a highlighter in future unless I wanted a more alien, out there festival look…

The wearability of these blushes isn’t the best as they do fade throughout the day to a hint of colour but for the price and the amazing way they blend I’m not complaining too much! 

Check them out here

Happy Blushing! 



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