Zoella Beauty | Lip balm Duo

I have previously mentioned how impressed I was with one of the Zoella beauty products so naturally I decided to test more!

This time round I decided to try out the Lip balm duo, Sweet Mint and Vanilla Cream. With lip products being my favourite beauty product I wasn’t expecting great things or expecting to be wowed.

Whilst I wasn’t wowed, I was very impressed! The Sweet Mint lip balm, unlike its counterpart, has a nude tint which, at the end of the day basically means it’s like any other non tinted lip balm. The scent is gorgeous! The mint isn’t overpowering and isn’t subtle enough to take away that ‘fresh feeling’ that I like to have in my mint scented products. The consistency and formula have been balanced well, whilst not being thick the balm initially feels like you are putting nothing on your lips yet, perhaps the thing that surprised me most, it is a very moisturising lip balm. The balm doesn’t just sit on your lips like others, it slowly sinks in, without making you feel as though you have caked your lips in product. As a result this is now one of my favourite lip balms to chuck in my bag and it one of my all round favourites – very impressed!

The Vanilla Cream balm was the one I was worried about not liking the most as I am not a big fan of Vanilla is general. It also boasts a rather bright looking orange/pink colour which I wasn’t sure would work. Whilst I don’t rate this one as much as the Sweet Mint I was still pretty impressed. The formula is the same as the Mint counterpart, moisturising yet light on your lips and the scent is subtle enough for me that I actually quite like it and don’t find it overly sweet. The colour itself is not as bright as it looks in the tin but is still pretty pigmented, for me though this works and I actually really enjoy wearing this colour (and the balm!). My only gripe with the Vanilla Cream balm is that it isn’t that buildable. I would recommend re-applying in the mirror as I have found that sometimes putting on a new layer can emphasise the original application which can make your lips look patchy and flaky. To remedy this I just rub off the original layer with my finger the reapply so I will still chuck this in my bag and reapply throughout the day – just make sure there’s a mirror handy!

The last thing I want to talk about is the packaging. The balance between classy and feminine has been well established with this duo. The lace effect round the edges as a cute yet classy feel to the bold colours making them not so ‘in your face’. The size of the tin is spot on, thin and small enough to just chuck in any bag yet big enough to hold a decent amount of product. As a side note I have to mention that these are actually pretty hard-wearing! The amount of times I have taken these in a bag with me and fished them out of the bottom are too embarrassing to count yet as you can see they have minimal scratches on.

I would definitely recommend these and am looking forward to the christmas Gingerbread range!

Happy balming!



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