Too Faced Melted Lipstick

It’s true I may be a teennnyyyy bit late to the bandwagon on this one, however, I live in England and getting your hands on Too Faced products is fairly tricky unless you live in London or have money to spend online. I have been dying to try these lipsticks for YEARS, especially the metallic ones which I vow to try. A recent trip to Spain providede me with an exciting opportunity to get my hands on one of these lipsticks and I grabbed it with!

My initial worry was that due to the amount of hype these lipsticks have received, I was going to find that actually, they weren’t worth it at all. Bareing in mind these aren’t drugstore prices I was hoping that the hype would not fail me.

I can safely conclude that no, the hype definitely did not fail me and I am now on the hype! The liquid lipsticks retail in the UK for £18 which isn’t as expensive as the likes of Dior or Chanel but personally I would not class this as a drugstore product, although I am aware that in certain Boots stores you can get Too Faced counters!

The packaging is obviously the first thing you notice about a product and Too Faced hasn’t let us down with that one! Personally I believe their packaging is always on point and these lipsticks are no exception. The colour of the actual box is matched very well with the colour of the lipstick which makes me very happy…it’s the little things…. and the gold makes the colour stand out all the more. 

I got my lipstick in the colour ‘Melted Ruby’ which is a stunning red, one that I believe would suit any skin colour. The formula is gorgeous! It isn’t drying after prolonged wear and glides on like a dream. The consistency actually feels quite thin on application which I was surprised at and the applicator itself is a sponge which has the slant of a liptick. The pigmentation is, as expected, incredible and I would say that the product is buildable between 2-3 layers depending on how deep you want the shade. I would also brave it and say that if you had a nude colour you would not need a mirror as the application is that easy and I have never had to use a lipliner, just swipe and go! The wear of the lipstick is also surprising as due to the formula being thin, creating that ‘I have nothing on my lips feel’, I was worried that it would rub off with one sip of a drink and fade unevenly leaving the badly applied lip liner effect, however, I really don’tknow why I worried! The staying power is surprisingly good,although after eating I did have to reapply but personally this doesn’t both me, and the lipstick fades evenly over your lips so you end up with a nice tint until you reapply.

Overall I was very satisfied and extremely happy that this product lived up to its hype and once I get money I will definitely be repurchasing more! I also intend to try out the new Matte collection that has been brought out.

If you want to have a nosey at the collection please click here.

Happy Melting!




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