Face and Eyes

Revolution Fortune Favours the Brave Eyeshadow Palette.

Can we please take a moment to appreciate this palette, in all its glory…….

Ok, appreciative moment done. Lets start off by stating the obvious…this is a gorgeous palette. Created by BritishBeautyBlogger this palette hasn’t put a foot wrong. From the packaging to the pigmentation the product has really won me over. The gold packaging has an air of greek godessness (sshhh it is a word!) and the bold black writing makes you feel like a greek goddess warrior putting on her warpaint – typically what I imagine myself doing when putting my face on.

The colour selection has such a high range, from neutral to grunge, princess to bold, there isn’t a look I don’t think you can do with this palette, certainly not one I’ve come across! The pigmentation of these colours is incredible considering that the palette isn’t high-end and actually very affordable. For 30 eyeshadow colours you can expect to pay a grand £9.99….it makes me love this palette even more :’) The consistancy  of the shadows look creamy but are really soft and powdery and have on multiple occassions proved to me that they are a dream to blend and build up.

I have swatched some colours so you can see the pigmentation, each shadow I’ve done two swipes. From left to right the colours go: favour, ice cloud, latte and transformer.

The only two gripes I can give on this palette is the brush….whilst it is no way near the worst brush in the world its pretty bad. The bristles are sharp and doesn’t do the eyeshadow any justice and increases fallout, which comes to my second gripe…fallout….if i’m being really picky about this there is fallout but compared to some other brands, even higher end ones, the fallout is not the worst problem in the world and hasn’t put me off.

I will definitely be repurchasing if I ever run out and I have to say this palette has made me buy more products from Revolution which I am also impressed with! This is a definite recommendation on my behalf.

Happy fortuning!



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