Face and Eyes

Rimmel, Kate Moss Gel Liner – Forest Green

This purchase was my first gel liner and I have to say I was petrified! My first thought was that I should just accept that I was going to end up with eye liner ALL OVER MY FACE.

But no, surprisingly! Initially I was worried about the brush that comes with it as, from watching YouTube videos the general theme was that they preferred to use an angled brush, typically similar or an eyebrow brush to give you an idea of what I mean. As you can see from the picture, there is no angle on any part of this brush! so…

I dipped the brush into the gel, which  is surprisingly soft so don’t jab it in! To those of you who haven’t used gel liner before, I started in the middle of my eye, close to my lash line, just in case anything went wrong I could correct – or try to – the line or the thing that is meant to resemble a line anyway. The brush is actually pretty descent for ones that are typically included in makeup products, and although looking like it’s going to be too thick, the line that you get from it is actually the perfect size for the liner (for me anyway!). The brush distributes the product nicely with the gel gliding across your eye instead of dragging, which is always nice!

The line and subsequent flick I ended up with was actually pretty decent and looked like I had an idea of what I was doing (Yay!) Although i would recommend keeping your eyelid half closed for a few seconds to allow it to dry the formula, once dried, did not budge on me ALL day, there was literally no line out of place on my eyelid and the formula didn’t irritate my eyes at all.

The product retails at £6.99 and I would recommend purchasing it as the formula is creamy and long lasting and with the brush is great value. The only downside to the product I have found so far over the past few months is that there are only two shades that I have seen which is the green and your standard black, however, unless you like to be adventurous with your liner I can’t imagine this being a big issue.

Happy lining!



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