TRESemme BeautyFull Volume

I am one of those people with long hair, I have a lot of it but its very fine and have tried possibly every single product with the word ‘volume’ in as my hair just flops so easily!

I have started a new hair routine and amongst other products have been using the Beautyfull volume shampoo and conditioner, or as they call it ‘step 1’ and ‘step 2’. The idea behind this is to use the conditioner first and then the shampoo so your hair isn’t ‘weighed down’.

As I said I use other products (which I will do a post on) so these two can’t be held solely responsible for the improvement in my hair but its a start!

Initially I was skeptical and just thought it was a gimmick (which it still is, just one that works!). The conditioner is light and you don’t need much which is nice as with other conditioners I usually need to pile it on! I admit it does feel very backwards using conditioner first but the end result is different. The shampoo is fairly thick but doesn’t weigh your hair down, which was a nice surprise as it was one of my worries when I first saw it. Once i’ve used other products (or even if I don’t) and I now usually blow dry, my hair feels much lighter and has a natural volume to it which lasts. This is something i’ve been trying to get for YEARS now as my hair weighs down so quickly whenever I do anything to it. Now when I style it, it has more staying power naturally and has a bounce to it which makes it look healthy and glossy.

Although this product is still gimmicky and all other hair companies seem to be jumping on the band wagon, I feel as though the formula TRESemme have used makes this product what it is and I have been surprised by the results. Another bonus to these products are that although they look small they have lasted me a good few months now which is again rare for me. I will definitely be repurchasing when I runout though as I am very happy with the results.

Happy Voluming!




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