O.P.I – Nail Envy 3 in 1

I’d just like to start off by saying how much I love O.P.I nail varnish. Holy Grail status….possibly….

I’ve gotten to the stage where i’m 21, I work full time and am fed up of buying ‘nail strengthening’ base/top coats that don’t work!

I decided to splash out on an O.P.I 3 in 1 strengthening base and top coat, at £18 (yes, I know…) it was by no means a bargain but I thought i’d go for it as I love their colored nail varnishes.

I have been using it for around a month now and have used it as both a nail treatment and as a base and top coat. Using it as just a base and top coat, there is no real difference to any other one, although if I didn’t do the job I do I would definitely say that it would make your nail varnish last longer than your average base/top coat. As a treatment this is a five star from me, it stops my nails peeling, particularly around the tip of my nail which is where I have the most problems. I also notice a difference when I take my nail varnish off, usually I end up with a layer of nail peeling off with the nail varnish but with the treatment this no longer happens.

I am hoping with continued use this takes my nails back to how they used to be!

Price wise, yes it is expensive, would I price it as £18? No. BUT… and a big but it is, I would pay  more as for me this has been the only varnish to actually help my nails and as much as I hate how high the price is (because why?!) I will definitely repurchase this!

Happy Nailing




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