Zoella Creamly Madly Deeply Body Lotion


image1 (1)

Lets start off by stating the obvious…yes, I do like Zoella and watch her channel religiously! My sister bought me this for Christmas and if i’m honest I was worried it wasn’t going to be that good. Partly because I have had branded products like this before and they have been pretty pants if i’m honest, however, the other part is the price, although the products aren’t the cheapest ones you can buy, I was worried that you would only be paying for the branding instead of quality.

I have never been so happy to be WRONG before! In all honesty this body lotion is one of the best ones I have ever used. Which is a big thing to say since I have used so many! The scent is pure heaven and the packaging looks classy and cute. Regardless of these two things, the formula is amazing! The cream takes a few minutes to work into your skin compared to some others that are on the market but this is not a problem as after a minute or so of rubbing it sinks in quickly and doesn’t make you feel sticky. The feeling of my skin afterwards is, no joke, like velvet which is something I have never had before, soft skin yes but this has genuinely been the first time I have referenced my skin as being ‘velvet like’.

As a result of feeling ‘velvet like’ I now use this religiously and it has done a very good job of keeping me ‘velvet like’.

To sum it up buy it, love it, re-buy it! Because that’s definitely what I shall be doing.

Happy ‘velveting’



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