Soap and Glory – Orangeasm Body Polish

OOMMMGGGG! Firstly I’d like to address the smell that this thing radiates….it’s like heaven in a big juicy, fresh, orangey ball scrub thing…..yeah…on a more professional note the scrub is scented with green mandarin, lemon and sweet orange peel oils…Super fruity!

The consistency is thick so in a tube the muscles do definitely get a workout! But not bad, for me this is just the only down point!

The scrub itself is not a harsh one but does a good job of leaving your skin silky smooth without being drying! There was one point where I used it everyday and my skin did not suffer which is always a bonus.

The gel like formula is initially strange in consistency but once you start warming it up and working it into your skin it becomes less gloppy.

When I purchased this product I did think the price was a bit steep at £8.00, although a part of me still thinks this, Soap and Glory are more of a high end drugstore brand and I would definitely purchase again so I cant complain too much!

Happy Scrubbing!




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