Rimmel ‘The One’ Liptick

I feel as though when you talk about this product you need really dramatic heroic music from all the stuff it claims to be!

My mum sent me a post which advertised this new lipstick which claims to be ‘the ultimate’ lipstick and the only ‘one’ you’ll need. The other day I decided to jump on it and try it, besides, I needed a purple lipstick!

I picked up ‘Under my spell’ lipstick and liner as I though I may as well get a set! The lipstick at £6.99 that claims to do everything…..really does do everything! Yes I am impressed! Its in between a matte and suede finish, so no real gloss effect but not completely matte. Personally this is my favorite finish as matte lipsticks can be really drying but the effort in getting my hair out my lips with a glossy finish is too much! If you have long hair you’ll know what I mean!

The formula is lovely there is no dryness even after reapplications and the color fades evenly from eating and drinking which is always better than fading really patchy! The scent is the same as the apocalips range if scent is an issue for you it gives you an idea.

Application is easy, however, the only criticism I have of this is that because its more hydrating if you don’t do it carefully you will look like a clown….you have been warned!

The lip liner I feel differently about, again good color has decent longevity, BUT when it sets it feels ssooo tacky and sticky, personally this is something that really bugs me, it makes me feel very dirty and uncomfortable so I am disappointed as I really love the color and I wanted it to be a love product for me. I will use it if I go out in the evening as it does help to set the lipstick but it won’t be something I use everyday which is a disappointment for me. Obviously though if that feeling doesn’t bother you then it is really good so go for it! I cant remember how much this was though but I believe its around the £4.99 mark 🙂

Overall the lipstick has really ‘one’ me over (see what I did there?) and I really want to get some other colors, I hope they bring out more as there is a limited range at the moment.

Happy oneing!



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