Lush Lip Scrub – Mint Julips

I admit that this is my first Lush product! Mostly because the smell when you’re in a 5 mile radius of the shop is so overpowering its always put me off! (yes I know exaggeration).

Anyway! The other day I had an allergic reaction to a lip balm and not only did it swell my lips it also made them extremely dry, so much so that no amount of lip balm made anything better! I’ve been eyeing up the lip scrubs for a while so I decided to brave the smell and head in.

I came out with the choc mint flavour and applied some almost instantly. If i’m honest i wasn’t expecting too much as my lip dryness was from a reaction but I have to say I was extremely impressed as it got rid of ALL the dryness from my lips! Will definitely be reusing and repurchasing once I have run out! My only criticism is the lack of flavours, with Popcorn and Bubblegum being the other ones, personally the bubblegum reminds me of medicine, the popcorn one isn’t too bad though and I believe seasonal ones are brought out too.

For a product with only sugar and three essential oils in £5.50 could be considered a lot but from personal experience working with oils I know that the price is fairly reasonable.

Happy Scrubbing!



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