Garnier Summerbody lotion


Yes I am back and yes! Summer is here! With a heat wave due next week I thought I may stick with this summery theme and talk about this almost self tanning moisturiser. 

I say almost because I personally don’t really class these as fake tan as such, I am aware that there is an element of that but for me this gives me such a natural slightly sun-kissed look I don’t like to say fake tan…..

For me this is a love hate product, 

Love the price, I believe (if I remember correctly) it was around the £5 mark, although I haven’t looked in a while! Love the finish of this as you don’t need up looking like you’re auditioning for the only way is Essex and for a tan enhancing product there is no biscuity smell more apricots which is always nice. I also love that the bottle are big so you get a decent amount of product on them but there is a smaller version if that is more your thing.

Hate, the  fact that once it’s applied it’s so sticky! You feel very tacky and I can go to bed and the next morning I jump straight in the shower just to wash it off for the day. Of course some people aren’t bothered by this but I have to really train myself not to think about how I feel when I wear this. I would say as another positive that it is easy to apply and isn’t streaky which is a big thing! 

For me this is the only negative but it is something that is quite prominent for me and whilst it does stop me wanting to use it all the time I will wear it before special occasions etc so it’s not a total turn off. 

In terms of development I would personally recommend leaving a week before an occasion so you can build up to being barely there to sun kissed 🙂 

Happy sunning! 



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