Face and Eyes

Lash sensational! 


When this first came out there were a fair few mixed reviews, however, after watching some YouTube reviews….well, I needed a new mascara anyway! 

I HATED this the first couple of times I actually stopped using it for a bit, the formula was clumpy, the brush was one of those plastic ones, my eyelashes looked awful and clumpy! I was pretty disappointed as I’ve tried almost all of the maybeline mascaras and have had nothing bad to say about them.

I did pick it up again though and since then I’ve gotten on really well with it! Weird…..I’m not a massive fan of the plastic brush as the formula, I think, gets more clumpy than the bristle brushes. Although I do like the formula, it lengthens the lashes extremely well so if you like lengthening mascara it is worth a try. In terms of making your lashes full, I wouldn’t recommend this as much because I find that it can, not clump your lashes but make them stick together so I’m not sure how I feel about that personally….. A good thing about the formula is that it doesn’t tend to flake and shed off your eyelashes during the day or if you ‘accidentally’ leave your mascara on, because we’ve all done that………! 

Price wise this is like any other maybeline mascaras and is around the £7.99 mark, although you may have to double check that figure. 

Happy lashing! 



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