Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick

First off again, i’m sorry for not being a good blogger recently, I am in my last few weeks of Uni so busy busy busy!

Boots is a very dangerous place to me, especially the 3 for 2 deals they have, Friday was no exception with 3 for 2 being offered on Revlon products. I ended up with a nail varnish and two lipsticks, one of which (just in case you haven’t guessed) being their new HD Lipstick range.

The colour I ended up getting was very different for me, a bright dark pink, Hydrangea, I do believe! I wasn’t really sure what to expect and honestly I didn’t think i’d like it.

The colour itself is different, containing a hint of glitter, which surprisingly is subtle when on your lips. The pink contains blue undertones which means that your teeth won’t look yellow and is a surprisingly workable colour considering its brightness.

The formula is very soft and nourishing and is the first lipstick that hasn’t dried out my lips after reapplication. Revlon did boast a gel based formula that would do this so I am pleased that it works! What I also like is that when it fades it does so evenly so you are not left with a weird lip liner effect or blotchy patches dotted at random! This also means that as it fades it is still wearable so you can choose to reapply whenever! Yay! In terms of staying power i’d say it isn’t anything special, that’s saved for the pigmentation and buttery formula, however,  with general wear I reapplied around the three hour mark.

Currently there are 14 colours in the range and the ones I have seen and swatched are gorgeous! In terms of price they aren’t the cheapest, coming in at £7.99 but I would definitely purchase more so I would say that it is worth it!

Let me know if you want a colour swatch!

Happy HD’ing



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