Bestival Blue


Admittedly there isn’t too much to say on this except, it’s new and it’s blue! 

It also has good staying power! This has been on for a week and has only chipped once, the brush that comes with it is handy as it is one of those ones which fans out to cover your nail in one stroke. The formula is like other nail varnishes 😛 

The main thing I want to say about this colour is that surprisingly it has gone with everything I have worn since wearing it, which is not something that I thought would happen! It’s the perfect balance between a pastel and bright sky blue, subtle enough but loud enough to be noticed! This kind of blue isn’t normally my choice of colour but I am loving it so much, it’s such a spring/summer colour and as you can see comes from the new Rita ora range, which is festival inspired. 

A great buy in my opinion! The average price I believe is around the £3 mark which is pretty decent, especially for the long wear that I personally have got from it (although I have work today so I don’t think it’ll stay like this for long!). 

The other shades are equally as nice and I will be purchasing some more, I would suggest if your looking for a spring/summer colour to check them out! 

Happy festivalling 



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