Sssoooooo…… I went into Boots the other day ……

I saw these and thought they looked weird so I had a look, and bought them……

Ironically I didn’t actually get these for their primary purpose of ‘traceless’, personally a kink in my hair isn’t something that bothers me too much and I’ve never had a problem with ‘kinks’ 😛 

What I do have a problem with, however, is the pain that putting my hair up causes! The pain when I take my hair down is awful! And it doesn’t go! These boasted to stop headaches as it distributes pressure around the band instead of just in one place. Yes I was sceptical as nothing ever sticks in my hair! My hair is like Teflon! Nothing sticks, the problem is it ends up annoying me and there’s so much of it that I just end up shoving it up, only to regret it later…..

I have been using these for a week now and I have never had a new sore spot on my head! I am pretty impressed! They stay in too and loosely which is something that’s never happened before, it’s a revelation! I can also confirm that for anyone who wants them for their ‘no kink’ claim, yes I have had no kinks…

There aren’t many negative points, a problem people mentioned though is that they lose their shape quickly, however I have seen that if you put them in hot water they regain shape, I havnt had to try this yet but will let you know when I do! Another point people have a problem with is the price, they are around £3.50, I can’t actually remember the price off the top of my head but they are definitely £3 something 😛 and you only get three in a pack, if I’m honest though it’s not that bad,tv hey won’t snap and lose elasticity, they don’t snag, they don’t cause headaches, they have a fairly strong grip although because my hair is fine and silky I have to use two for a bun, although this compares to 5ish with a normal band! So price wise I’d say that saying they aren’t worth the money is silly when you compare them to a normal hair band. They also do a fair few colours, I have clear and they aren’t that noticeable in my hair 🙂 

Any questions feel free to ask 🙂 personally they are worth it, since I got them I havnt gone back to my elastic bands and havnt even had the need to use all three as you can see in the picture so for me they are worth it 🙂  




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