Face and Eyes

Biore pore strips


First off I won’t post a picture as I doubt you will want to see before and after! 

I have tried both of the bore strips the original and the ‘2x better’ ones. I have to say both work really well, if you use them right that is! Although I did use the 2x ones this morning and I have to say it did get a fair amount out (nice!) but that may because I havnt used one in a few weeks! So I will test this out! 

These are pretty expensive and there are cheaper alternatives, I believe boots do a tea tree and witch hazel pack which if I remember correctly are pretty decent, although possible not as sticky as the biore strips, although I may not remember this correctly, I would recommend getting them if you want to try them out 🙂 

The biore strips tend to vary between £5-8 depending on offers and where you get them from so I would recommend shopping round! I know at the moment if you are in the UK Asda do them for around £5.00. The original ones I usually buy around £6.00 the 2x are around £8.00 normally. £6.00 does sound really steep but if you use one a week it’s pretty good! 

These strips are easy to apply, all you have to do is make sure the slits are scored, make sure to thoroughly wet your nose! Very important step otherwise the strips won’t stick! It does say to leave it on until it goes hard or for 5-10 mins. Personally I find they go hard pretty quickly so I tend to leave mine on for around ten minutes anyway. To peel off you need to do it slow as you don’t want to break your skin! Best method is to peel off each side until you get to the bridge of your nose then peel off the middle 🙂 voila! Done yucky stuff removed and better looking pores! 😃 



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